COLDHARBOUR - Fall Away (live)

COLDHARBOUR - Silence Is Deafening 

... are a three piece alt-grunge band from East Anglia,  with a shared passion for creating visceral & powerful music. 

Bringing you ferocious riffing, melodic choruses and drawing on influences coming from every direction of the music sphere , this is truly a powerhouse rock trio of immense talent.


The combination of Tom Brown’s grunge-laced riffs, Alex Taylor-Thomas Coe’s funk fueled prog & metal bass flourishes and Ian Arnold - a drummer with a love of everything from jazz to blast beats - have ensured that  ColdHarbour have fast risen through the EA music ranks in a very short space of time , to the point where they have become one of the region’s most sought after Rock Acts. 

Their first e.p ‘ Subject & Symmetry’ received overwhelmingly positive responses and reviews from listeners and D.J’s spanning across the globe and tracks from it also received frequent radio airplay, notably several times on the BBC.

COLHARBOUR - Silence Is Deafening

COLDHARBOUR - Battlestar Spactacular (live)

The brand new single ‘Silence Is Deafening’ has already been syndicated on many popular Spotify Playlists and is being lauded as “an exciting new voice on the Rock Circuit.” (The A.I.R Events - 2020)


To this date they also remain only one of the two acts to have ever won TWO much-coveted ‘A.I.R.E Awards ‘ in a single award ceremony.

Their  debut EP “Subject & Symmetry” is still available on all reputable streaming sites, as is the new single - and there is also an entirely Fan-made music video for ‘Silence Is Deafening’ now available on YouTube.


They already have several gigs confirmed for 2021 / 2022 , with more due to be confirmed very soon - and , of course , they are smashed the Sunday Main Stage at The NORWICH A.I.R Fest 2021.

Make sure you check them out Live asap !!