... have rapidly become one of the premier exponents of the genre known as Baroque Metal. Their sound has been described as ‘a powerhouse of melody and dynamics’ with dueling, mesmerizing guitar riffs and solos, powerful, technical bass lines and driving drums.

The original concept of DERADE was formed by brothers Guy and Mark Radford in 2017,  and whether it’s classical intricacy or pure high-octane Power Metal their unique style of music continues to push boundaries. 

Their debut album ‘Soldiers of Creation’ was released , & glowingly welcomed by reviewers, at the end of 2019 and it is still currently receiving some fantastic radio support and airplay.


Although very much an extremely talented ensemble of musicians and performers, Derade’s powerful sound leans heavily on the dual-guitar skills of founding members Guy & Mark Radford. They perform with an uncanny , almost psychic , precision  some viewers have described as “twin-like”.  


In 2020 the band underwent a major lineup change and also signed a major distribution deal with Wolf Entertainment, and a fresh start was made with the recording of a new album. With the addition of Sean Walton on Bass and vocalist Richard Lee  DERADE  were soon ahead of the recording schedule and the new album - ‘GLORY’ - was released in May 2021, and has been instantly met with a rapturous welcome from the U.K Metal scene!

Full of the complexity and technique that Derade are known for, but also boasting huge chunky riffs and choruses that remain in your head for days, GLORY is the sound of a band effortlessly hitting their stride. And one thing is for sure, with enough quality material for at least another five albums STILL to come , they are set for a very productive future