Dandelion Florence

Anoop Bayben

... have been in existence for only a short while , yet their sound has been a lifetime in the making. 

They formed soon after Dale and Ben attended an open mic session in Norwich and began discussing music with Dandelion and Will. 

Very soon they started to explore the idea of creating something unique that would stay true to their influences , while exploring new and sometimes frightening realms.

It wasn’t long before talking turned to songwriting and rehearsals , and then suddenly East Anglia discovered in it’s midst a brand-new rock & metal group - a band who are a completely different kind of animal – “ raw, loud, heavy, intricate, atmospheric and writhing with energy.  Every instrument and voice weaves together to create a wave of heavy black velvet into which to dive". 


Will Allinson

Dale Wordley

Since then they have been focused on building an impressive set list , featuring both covers and original material , however due to uncertainty regarding the future rules (due to the pandemic) their plans to write and record an album has been pushed back , to be released in spring 2021 followed by a tour. This is to protect the health & safety of their devoted fans , and to ensure that the audience is free to fully enjoy the live experience.  


Dandelion  Florence ; a singer/songwriter and general multi-instrumentalist noise maker creating verbal observations of rage, humour and other delights! 
Dale  Wordley ; who started playing Bass at the age of 14 and since that point has been involved in many projects and gigged more times than he could count. As well as the bass, Dale also plays the piano and Saxophone​. 
Anoop  Bayben ; he has played in countless bands , spanning  the globe , for many years.  Grew up listening to Boney M - Beatles -Abba and eventually evolved into the metal behemoth he is today! He’s also has an MBA, but doesn’t like to mention it. 
Will  Allinson ; He started playing guitar at 14 and has never looked back since. He is already well known in the EA as an established solo artist, but the opportunity to explore his love for metal & grunge wasn’t going to be something he would ever turn down! 

Collectively their sound is immense and immersive , creating elaborate beautiful soundscapes which they then set fire too.