B2 (venue)

496 Sprowston Road, Norwich, Norfolk NR3 4DY

Contact  : em@b2venue.com

... was purpose built initially to cater for local original bands and since it's birth it has grown from an intimate original venue into one that promotes and presents events from acts all over the globe, not just from our own fine city. 

With some great names on past bills such as Ed Sheeran, You Me At Six and 80's legends The Cutting Crew, B2 is at right at the front of the stage when it comes to brilliant up and coming acts AND well known superstars!

Whilst we do not sell tickets live online for B2 events, we are in partnership with the UEA LCR who ticket our events.  We can help you to schedule your ticketing and take a little of the pressure off.  Ticketing links on this site are mainly from the UEA LCR booking site or from third party ticket agencies. If there are any queries regarding UEA ticket sales you can email us direct.  

Whether you are in a band and want to put on a show or are having a big party, B2 is the place to do it. There is ample parking and places to stay nearby.

Generally the venue is accessible from midday onwards however bands can load in at a time suitable to them on prior arrangement and agreement with management.  The venue has a team of sound engineers that are on hand from 7pm for soundcheck. If required we can arrange for a sound engineer to meet you on site for early soundcheck prior to the event. 


B2  will be playing host to ALL 3 days of The NORWICH A.I.R FEST ‘22 - kicking off on Thursday 2nd June !


  • I'm in a band, how do I get a gig at B2 Venue?

    Firstly, read through our booking conditions !  send us an email telling us a bit about yourselves and your band. You will need to tell us what other bands you are adding to the bill, ticket price, how you are going to sell tickets.  We also need access to band photos, social media links and promotional material to help us promote your show.  Once you have given us all this information, we can arrange a suitable date for your show.

  • What percentage of our ticket sales do you take?

    Absolutely 0%!!  As stated before, B2 Venue exists to help bands put on shows and promote themselves.  When you book your show it is up to you to decide your entry/ticket price.  You get to keep 100% of whatever you make from your gig.  All we ask is that you have a minimum of 20 people in attendance and provided someone you trust to staff the door (not security) to take your ticket money.  

  • Do you have disabled access?

    When B2 Venue was built, it was designed in accordance to the Equality Act 2010.  This means that all our doors are wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs, the toilets have a larger cubicle for wheelchair users. B2 Venue has limited furniture and wooden floors so is easy to manoeuvre around in.  For those in need of seating, we can provide stools or chairs upon request and our staff are always on hand to help with any additional needs.  

  • Is there an age restriction in B2 Venue?

    Generally no, because B2 Venue was purpose built for music. The bar is ancillary to this. Some shows will have age restrictions on but these are determined by the bands and promoters that are putting on the shows, not the venue. Where there IS an age restriction, it will be noted on the show information. We do ask that all under 16's are accompanied by parents; for parents that are bringing their teenagers to gigs firstly - good on ya and secondly, earplugs are available at the bar!

  • Do you have any house equipment we can use?

    Yes we do!  These are all available for use free of charge.  Check the tech spec list at the bottom of this page for a more detailed list of our house equipment.


B2 venue sites a site with it's sister venue, The Brickmakers.  It is situated on the main outer ring road (A1042) in Norwich.  B2 Venue is situated around the back of The Brickmakers so you wont see it from the main road, however you can't miss it - The Brickmakers is positioned right on the roundabout and is big and YELLOW! 

496 Sprowston Road, Norwich, Norfolk NR3 4DY

NOTE : Changes In Equipment Useage

Likely  Due To Covid Rules !!


  • Venue Technical Information

    Capacity: 200 standing (including bands and staff)
    Stage layout:  Single Tier with drum riser in centre.
    Stage Size: 8m wide x 4.15m deep.
    Back Stage Entrance: Yes
    Dressing Room: No
    On Stage Air con: yes
    Loading: Direct access to back of stage.
    Load in times: To be arranged with management.
    Sound Engineer: Provided free of charge from 7pm.
    If required earlier they will charge you £10 per hour.
    SIA Trained Security: Available upon request and at managers discretion.
    Recording facilities: Available upon request and prior arrangement.
    Pyrotechnics:  Not Permitted.
    Smoke/Fog Machine: Not Permitted
    Own Engineer: Your engineer can work alongside the venue engineer to get you the perfect sound for your show.
    Own Lighting Tech: At discretion of the management.
    Merch Table: Yes we can set this us for you.

  • Front House
    • Allen & Heath QU-24 Digital Mixing Console
  • P.A.
    • EV P2000
    • EV Q66
    • 2x QSC 1450
    • 4x HK Audio IL12.1 Top Cabs Flown
    • 2x HK Audio IL18 Subs
    • DBX Driverack
  • Monitors
    • 3 x HK Audio Pro 1.2 12" Monitors
    • 1 x HK Audio Pro 15" Monitor (Drum Fill)
    • 4 Auxillaries from Qu-24 for on stage monitoring
    • 6 available spare Auxillaries for IEM's or External Effects
  • Microphones (quantity)
    • AKG D-112 Kick Drum Mic(1)
    • AKG P2 Kick Drum Mic (1)
    • SURE PG 52 Kick Drum Mic (1)
    • SURE PG 56 Tom/snare mics (4)
    • AKG P4  Tom/snare mics (4)
    • AKG P17 Condenser Mics (2)
    • Sure SM57 Instrument Mics (2)
    • AKG CS1000 Condenser Mic 1)
    • SURE SM58 Vocal Mics (7)
    • SURE PG57 Instrument Mic (2)
    • ELECTROVOICE ND767A Vocal Mics (2)
    • AUDIOTECHNICA ATM510 Vocal Mics(5)
  • DI's
    • Behringer Ultra DI - DI100 (8)
  • Lighting
    • DasLight Gold DMX lighting software
    • Dedicated PC system to rum DMX controller and software
    • LED Par 56 Cans (8)
  • House Drum Kit

    Mapex Horizon HBZ six piece kit comprising of:

    • 8" Floating Rack Tom
    • 10" Rack Tom
    • 12" Rack Tom
    • 14" Floor Tom
    • 22" Bass Drum
    • 14" Snare Drum

    Cymbals & Hi-Hats

    • A range of Zildjan, Paiste, Meinel and Sabian cymbals are available.
    • Istanbul Alchemy 14" Hats
    • Mapex P500 Bass Drum Pedal


    NOTE TO DRUMMERS:  We have standard hardware that comes with the kit and also various stands and clamps on site for your use.  You are welcome to use as much or as little of the kit as you like.  it is quite standard so bring your own preferred breakables.

  • House Backline

     We have a range of backline on site for you to use should you wish. Please check with the venue prior to arrival if you require anything specific. We have a lot more equipment on site than listed here so we may be able to assist you further.


    • Laney Guitar Amp Head 100W
    • Ibanex Guitar Amp head 100W
    • Fender FM100H Amp head  100W
    • Crate Amp head 120W (2)
    • Marshall 4x12 speaker cabinet (2)
    • Ibanez 4x12 stereo speaker cabinet
    • Crate 4x12 Speaker cabinets (2)


    • Peavey TNT 100W combo
    • Behringer BB810 Speaker cab 2400W load

      NOTE TO GUITARISTS/BASSISTS:  We have basic channel switching pedals for the house amps. We do not supply effects pedals or units so it is advised that you bring your own breakables.