Bradley Brown - vocals, guitar

FRONT BANGS - Milson’s Theme

... are the EA-based rock trio of immense talent, humour and complexity who burst onto the scene initially in Norwich in 2019, but who have since been gigging around the U.K consistently - and who have been making quite a name for themselves with their energetic and quirky stage presence.

Their music has been described as having a “unique indie-rock-with-a-funky-twist sound” (Epic Studios) and BBC Introducing has already given the band much airplay - even naming their track “Sub Rosa” track of the week. 

Richard Cully - bass

Alex Kennett - drums, backing vocals

FRONT BANGS - Fake Crowd Noise

With the band featuring a classically trained musician, a huge fan of hip-hop and influences from the likes of John Frusciante, it is easy to see how the band has developed a unique and varied sound within their songs so quickly. 

Their early single ‘Down By The River’ is still available on Spotify and the highly infectious tune previously served as the opening track to their early sets - it’s instant catchiness seeming to entice the majority of the crowd into joining in and leaving their inhibitions behind! 

‘ Milson’s Theme ‘ is one of their best known singles , featuring a memorable video (available on YouTube) which includes a fleeting appearance from Milson, and it has been firmly entrenched onto countless Spotify Playlists since it’s release in Aug 2019. 

The three met when they were in the early years of high school; Alex and Rich were already involved in the school bands and had been acquainted through that, while Alex also knew Brad from primary school. Al and Brad would frequently jam their favourite tracks with each other outside of school. It wasn’t long before the three of them had begun to lay the foundations of what would later become Front Bangs. 

Despite playing a smattering of shows at their school , as well as several disreputable house parties and the like (!), the band as it is known today didn’t form officially until several years later. 

They shared a passion for listening to, and creating , music of many varying genres - and especially for performing live, where the dynamics between the three really come to the fore . There have been many online conspiracy theories regarding the band name , most of them sexual , but Front Bangs  are always happy to disappoint by explaining that the band name came from a disagreement about the name of a type of haircut - and it just stuck. 

Their most recent single release was the hugely popular track  ‘Fake Crowd Noise’ - it is both catchy and punchy and also includes a captivating and funky tempo change midway through that will make you want to listen to the track on repeat! 

They have another track due for release that was recorded at the same time as ‘Fake Crowd Noise’  which will be out later in 2021. While a lot of bands and performers have been able to livestream and record during lockdown , it has proven almost impossible for the band , due to geographical reasons. Although they have been able to create new material , getting it recorded for posterity has been challenging - this means that FRONT BANGS are extremely keen to get back onto the stage and unveil it all for their music-starved fans.