Scott Forsyth - Guitar

Aaron Palmer - Drums

THE LIGHTSCOPES - Weekend Offender (live)

... are a 4 piece indie & rock group from Essex - consisting of Tom ‘Macca’ McCarthy on vocals, Scott Forsyth on guitar, Dean Sales on bass and Aaron Palmer on drums. 

Their live sound is a pulsating blend of Indie, BritPop & Rock energies, with the band feeding upon their respective influences (bands such as Wolf Alice, The Jam & Oasis) and then delivering an entirely new sound altogether. 

A steady procession of live shows has followed their formation in 2015, with the band since becoming a prominent feature on the National music scene over the last few years - partially due to the huge radio interest in their most recent singles.

Tom ‘Macca’ McCarthy - Vox

Dean Sales - Bass


They have only been together for a relatively short time (for the music industry) but such is the power of the band’s reputation, garnered by their explosive live shows,  they had already gained an avid following prior to the release of the singles - debut single ‘In My Head’ (released in 2018) and the follow up ‘Weekend Offender’ (released in 2019) - although the clamour from the Music Press since then has definitely also helped to put them on the map. 


Both of these songs are available on the usual music streaming & downloading platforms such as itunes,spotify and amazon music, as well as a range of their music videos also being available on the band’s YouTube channel.


They have been using the enforced break from live music to focus primarily on creating brand new material for their fans to enjoy, which they are now looking forward to unveiling at the slew of newly booked and re-booked gigs that have started to flood in since the easing of restrictions.

They have also been applying the finishing touches to the production & mixing of their delayed debut e.p , which was sadly yet another music casualty of the pandemic - but with a new release date scheduled for later in the year and plenty of chances for their fans to catch them playing live in the promo run up to it’s release , it certainly looks like 2021/22 is going to be another hectic period for the group.


For more details on upcoming gigs make sure you check their social media pages.