MERCURY RISING - Indian Summer

... have been frequently, and deservedly, hailed as one of the fastest rising stars of the recent ( and seemingly unstoppable ) NWOCR movement by both music reviewers and fans alike ... 


... The fact that this reputation has in part been garnered IN SPITE of the dreadful pandemic and it’s many social restrictions is an incredible feat , and a testament to the prowess that MERCURY RISING  bring to their craft.

They have filtered the influences from the bands that inspired them - huge sounding bands such as Mr Big, Extreme and Van Halen -  through their own experiences and perspectives , and the band have managed to craft & capture their own uniquely branded sound - one which is instantly recognisable and always packs a punch!



With their reputation for energetic and exciting live performances, alongside their ability to craft songs that automatically make you want to sing along , they  rapidly developed a large (& devoted) following before lockdown struck - and by the time the Stay-At-Home order was given Mercury Rising had already established themselves as a powerful driving force in this new era of Hard Rock.

Mercury Rising formed in 2012 when four musicians , who also happened to be friends , decided to combine their abilities & form a band. They quickly realised that they were creating something that was not just unique, but also something that was desperately needed to breathe new life into a music scene that had grown complacent.


From it's early inception the band had power & energy and was a melting pot of styles , but their sound evolved through gigs and touring until it has been refined to the definitive MERCURY RISING sound you hear today ; technical and hook-laden full throttle Rock - with appreciative nods to metal, funk and prog.

In 2021, with the return of live music firmly on the horizon , Mercury Rising are stronger than ever before - they utilised the enforced break from live shows to release a whole host of songs / videos  that have helped to cement their place at the forefront of NWOCR , and they have been receiving strong & positive airplay and reviews across the whole of the U.K , and further afield.


The past few years have seen Mercury Rising play a whole host of shows at venues including The Underworld, Big Red, Nambucca, Hope & Ruin among many, many others - as well as embarking on two UK tours. And although they are particularly well known in London and the neighbouring counties for their explosive and boisterous live shows (as well as their on stage presence) , they have paid their dues all over the U.K. ... and they are looking forward to being able to reconnect with those brilliant grassroots venues once again in 2021 !!

Mercury Rising are:

Max Campbell - Guitar/Vocals

Rob Raymond - Lead Guitar/Vocals

George Tinsley - Drums

Ed Anderson - Bass



"With big, memorable choruses and Max Campbell's razor sharp vocals, while this lot may not be frightened to take a peek at the cheat-sheet, they are damn good fun" - Fireworks Magazine

"if you like galloping hard rock with raucous riffs, melodic solos and driven basslines, then this is indeed paradise" - The Sunday Sport (****)