SORCERESS  OF SIN - live at Bloodstock 2021

... burst onto the U.K metal Scene in 2020 with the release of their debut album  -‘Mirrored Revenge‘ - which showcased their unique & ethereal brand of melodic symphonic-power metal.

It’s release heralded a new sound for U.K metal and it received glowing praise from music reviewers.


The band describe themselves primarily as “... A highly-driven team of friends and talents - working, communicating and compromising to reach the unified goal of releasing great albums...”



Vocals-Lisa Skinner

Guitars-Constantine Kanakis

Rythm Guitar-John Turner

Bass-Daniel Mackender

Drums-Paul Skinner

Keyboard & Orchestral Arrangements-Tom Maclean

SORCERESS  OF SIN - Realms Of Elysium

Since their formation during the traumas of Lockdown  SORCERESS OF SIN  have been prolifically releasing epic & sweeping soaring Metal soundscapes with seemingly effortless ease. Their ceaseless work ethic and unity as a band have astounded music critics and fans alike since they stormed onto the scene, and the sheer power and quality of their second album - CONSTANTINE - not only helped cement their position in the U.K metal arena (as well as completely dispelling the myths about recording the ‘difficult’ second album), but it also helped to propel them onto the stage for BLOODSTOCK 2021.

Although that album may have opened the door for them, the reviews that have been received for their performance from music press, radio shows and online reviewers alike have been overwhelmingly positive; with praise coming from every direction for their music and the strength of their songwriting, to their individual skill & prowess on their respective instruments, and to their inclusive and immersive stage presence and beyond.

SORCERESS OF SIN were formed somewhere between Cambridge and Suffolk, in the wilds of East Anglia, by Lisa & Paul Skinner and Constantine Kanakis, with Tom MacLean, John Turner & Daniel Mackender joining soon after and they swiftly formed a solid understanding of each other’s styles and influences - culminating in an intensive rehearsal period leading up to their immense BLOODSTOCK performance.


‘Sorceress of Sin’ came from the lyrics of one of the first tracks that they wrote together as a unit and the imagery and concept of the song title was so vivid that they all agreed that it would make the perfect band name.  The debut album was centred around the themes derived from the band’s name and was intended to capture the frustration, fragility and the sense of victory through perseverance that they endured during their inception.


They have described themselves as “...a beer swigging and vodka shots kind of tribe!” but with a live show that is equally raw yet extremely polished, whilst also managing to be both energetic and deeply complex in scale, their rise continues unabated. They are currently working on their 3rd studio album while incredibly positive reviews continue to be posted about the 2nd album.

“ This is a complete record. The drummer can set a tempo or leave the guitar in the dust with some powerful double-bass kicks. The bassist is always right where he needs to be. The orchestration any keyboard layering is excellent, really adding to the tone and feel of the songs. The guitarist is just off the chain. The solo work in “
Constantine” ranks as some of the best in recent memory. This is a well-rounded band that should take the metal world by storm. “ - MOSHVILLE TIMES : ‘Road To BOA2021’