Picture : Gordon Woolcock

Picture : Gordon Woolcock

THE LAZY I - Daggers

THE LAZY I - Stupid

... ( aka Shannon Crome ) MOSTLY performs as a solo acoustic act, although it has also existed as a 5 & 6 piece ensemble and a full-on grunge band in it’s time -  and has also recorded several albums of ‘alternative hip hop’.


Never content to dwell on one single genre THE LAZY I tend to mix and match styles depending on the needs of the song, although he has confirmed that he plans to perform the solo acoustic material more extensively throughout 2021.


SHANNON CROME first came to prominence in the EA music scene in 2001 as songwriter & vocalist for hard rock group ICARUS VISION , their first gig being a support slot for Graham Bonnet & Don Airey ‘s ‘Rainbow’ reunion show at The Norwich Waterfront - although he had previously supported Wilko Johnson & The Blockheads at Norwich Arts Centre in 1999 with a prior , short-lived , Southern Rock-style group. 

The EA music scene in the early 2000’s was heavily Cover Band dominated but Icarus Vision , with their two hour shows  full of power and ingenuity , instantly proved the merit of Originality - they quickly smashed the doors open wide for a new generation of Original music performers to benefit from.


Eventually , after many years of performing , the strains of being a musician & working full-time as a Waiting List Coordinator for The NHS proved too much to juggle - alongside caring for his 3 children (who have autism) - and Shannon took a complete break from the scene for many years.  During this time he continued to write and record music & songs , entirely for his own consumption - he called this new era of raw, personal music THE LAZY I , in a subtle attempt at self-derogatory humour.

Picture : Gordon Woolcock

Picture : Gordon Woolcock

pic courtesy of BBC Introducing Norfolk

THE LAZY I live at Epic Studios

THE LAZY I - Bully (for you)

THE LAZY I story (proper) begins in August 2018 when Shannon Crome returned to the Norwich music scene. He teamed up with a local acoustic covers act to beef up The Lazy I’s live sound - and it was then that he created both THE A.I.R Events & BOOMBOX brands ; setting up a weekly live music night at a local venue (The Blueberry Music House) that had fallen on hard times - the BOOMBOX nights were focused solely on authenticity , talent and the sheer enjoyment of uncensored entertainment.


THE LAZY I played every week of the first run of BOOMBOX - 44 consecutive Tuesday’s ultimately - because, as the origins of THE A.I.R EVENTS name stems from the term ‘ Artistes In Residence ‘... THE LAZY I were the resident act.


The popularity and renown that the nights gained helped put THE LAZY I on the map - but it was the Bank Holiday all dayer and two music festivals that they organised & promoted that really elevated them , and helped to cement their reputation as not ONLY a damned good live act , but a powerful motivating force for the local music scene as a whole.


Shannon was interviewed twice in the studios of BBC Introducing during 2019 to promote the two festivals of that year,  and thoroughly enjoyed playing a full live acoustic set On-Air for West Norfolk Radio , and the BOOMBOX nights themselves have received fantastic reviews , not least from The Telegraph’s ‘What’s Hot In Norfolk ‘ in late 2018 / early 2019.


After a two month hiatus to concentrate solely on The Norwich A.I.R Fest 2019 , THE LAZY I returned with BOOMBOX in October 2019  - this time hosted by one of East Anglia’s premiere music venues , The Brickmakers Norwich - and they played , as Artists In Residence , for 15 more shows alongside the cream of the EA music scene, until the Pandemic put a halt to proceedings.


During the last 3 years THE LAZY I has graced the stages of many of the region’s finest music venues including The Brickmakers,  EpicTv , the John Peel Centre and Open , as well as many other grassroots venues all across the EA.


And when live music ground to a halt in The U.K in March 2020 THE LAZY I , working alongside THE A.I.R Events , developed new ways to bring their music-making peers to the public’s attention by founding BOOMBOXtv - The Eastern region’s ONLY & BEST freeview TV network.  Through this medium they were able to broadcast 33 hours of recorded live footage from the BOOMBOX shows , hosted by THE LAZY I - The 20/20 Vision VirtuFest was aired in July 2020 on BOOMBOXTV, and broadcast simultaneously on 2 radio stations - and it has been broadcasting 4 channels of music and entertainment 24/7 throughout the whole of lockdown.


Since the music industry has started to re-open in 2021 THE LAZY I have started to fill the diary with live shows , as well as having organised two more festivals for the year and building towards a flagship Capital show in January 2022 - THE LAZY I and it’s work within the music scene have also recently been spotlighted by Ipswich Community Radio , who have been keeping listeners fully updated - including an in-depth interview with THE LAZY I themselves.

There have been many Tv and radio interviews recently , which have helped to publicise all of the events THE LAZY I are either playing or organising - but nothing compares to actually playing live and connecting with other people in a gig environment.