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The Ultimate FREE Music , TV  &  Video  Entertainment Site

- brought to you by THE A.I.R EVENTS and THE LAZY I.

You can tune into the BOOMBOXtv  FREEVIEW TV channels anytime of day and ALWAYS catch a cool blend of Concerts, Films, Documentaries, Comedy & Drama , sitting alongside hours of Original BOOMBOXtv content and music videos - starring the best of the EA!

As well as the 4 awesome regular linear TV channels there is also a 5th , Jukebox-style, channel dedicated entirely to music videos - The MusicBox Channel.  

FREE TO VIEW entertainment , 24 hours a day !!

Also featuring an assortment of independent music sundries too extensive to list.

And not forgetting the BBTV OnDemand libraries - thousands of titles available, just click ‘play’ !

- and If you ever find yourself ‘lost’ on-site, remember that there is a Site Map at the bottom of EVERY page for easy navigation)

LIVE  MUSIC  COMING UP IN 2024 from The A.I.R Events & BOOMBOXtv...

Boombox At The Fiddler's Elbow, Camden -  Sunday 14th April



HOME PAGE  ( feat : History and info regarding BBTV & it’s services , Quick Access to TV channels , contact form )

5 FREEVIEW  TV  CHANNELS  ( BBTV1 , BBTV2, Originals Channel , BOX OFFICE, MusicBox  )

GIGS & EVENTS GUIDE  ( keep yourself informed on all the latest gigs & line-ups from The A.I.R Events shows )

BOOMBOXtv OnDemand  ( all of the various libraries of content, separated into genre and sub-genre )

ARTIST PROFILES - Icarus Vision & The Lazy I

BBTV MUSIC  ( here is where you will find the exclusive BBTV Spotify playlist, links to the original BOOMBOX radio show & the VirtuFest )

LIVESTREAMZ  ( here is where you will find the two exclusive livestream shows hosted by BBTV in 2020- originally PPV, but now FREEVIEW )


EXCLUSIVE BOOMBOXtv Spotify Playlist


What does BOOMBOXtv actually do? - We provide a unique blend of Concerts, Films, Documentaries, Comedy & Drama , all sitting alongside hours & hours of Original BOOMBOXtv content.

do i have to pay to watch BBTV? - NO ! The 5 tv channels are completely FREE TO STREAM - Always have been , always will. Simply head to the channel page you desire, click play on the video box and jump directly in to 24hr televisual entertainment.

How can i access BBTV? - At present BBTV is only available through your browser online - there is the potential for BBTV to also become an app, or become available via Roku, but there are currently no plans to proceed with this. 

How does BoomboxTV differ from a YouTube Channel?Whereas Youtube deals with individual videos and sometimes very haphazard / random 'next' selections, the BBTV channels work as standard linear streaming TV channels - all scheduling is painstakingly curated by The A.I.R Events for broadcast due to it's intriguing content (be it intellectual , artistic , musical etc ) 

What is the ethos behind BOOMBOXtv?Originally created during lockdown by THE A.I.R EVENTS and THE LAZY I as a means to keep momentum going for grassroots music artists who were adversely affected by venue closures, it has since kept developing and building and now covers so much more. From the TV channels to Artist Profiles, hundreds of original gigs, blockbuster movies & concerts, Radio & Magazines... and so much more. But still it aims to help emerging artists as they make their way on their own individual journies through music.

How do you obtain the rights to the shows that are on there?All material that was originally recorded &/or created by The A.I,R Events , BBTV , The Lazy I or Icarus Vision remains the copyright of BBTV.

What about the celebrity-studded and hugely entertaining corporate content such as Hollywood movies, TV shows and concerts etc...?For all other content that is broadcast on BBTV prior 3rd party useage approval has been gained by BBTV from the video owner - if at any point the owner changes their mind it is automatically removed from future scheduling.

... and copyright?Because the content that is broadcast on BBTV is obtained from a vast, and very corporate-minded, video hosting entity, they have rigourous copyright checks active at all times - this means anything that is aired on BBTV has already been previously checked by top people and given the all clear.

Thank you, that was all very helpful information - can we meet up for drinks?

No, i am very busy running a TV Network at the moment. But thanks all the same.

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Many thanks for your support and patience !

The A.I.R Events

EXCLUSIVE BOOMBOXtv Spotify Playlist :