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Independent Music Marketing Company,

Gig Organiser & Coordinator, Live Streaming Platform, PR & Promotion Agent, Independent Label and Record Store

Founded & Based in East Anglia

since May 2020



TV  &  Video  Entertainment
You can tune into the BOOMBOXtv  FREEVIEW TV channels anytime of day and ALWAYS catch a cool blend of Concerts, Films, Documentaries, Comedy & Drama , sitting alongside hours of Original BOOMBOXtv content and music videos - starring the best of the EA Music Scene and beyond !

As well as the 4 awesome regular linear TV channels there is also a 5th , Jukebox-style, channel dedicated entirely to music videos - The MusicBox Channel.  

FREE TO VIEW entertainment , 24 hours a day !!

- and If you ever find yourself ‘lost’ on-site, remember that there is a Site Map at the bottom of EVERY page for easy navigation)

Also featuring tons of Artist Profiles and an assortment of independent music sundries too extensive to list.

And not forgetting the BBTV OnDemand libraries - thousands of titles available, just click ‘play’ !



The A.I.R Events & BOOMBOXtv continue to bring you TWO regular live music sessions each month :

BOOMBOX @THE BRICKIES - 1st Wed of every month (ish)

PULSE @THE HEARTSEASE -  2nd & 4th Friday of every month

There is also a brand new music magazine available for East Anglia , BOOM! Magazine - only available currently at THE A.I.R EVENTS gigs & shows - crammed full of info and entertainment . 


founder of BOOMBOXtv

EXCLUSIVE BOOMBOXtv Spotify Playlist :


HOME PAGE  ( feat : History and info regarding BBTV & it’s services , Quick Access to TV channels , contact form )

5 FREEVIEW  TV  CHANNELS  ( BBTV1 , BBTV2, Originals Channel , BOX OFFICE, MusicBox  )

GIGS & EVENTS GUIDE  ( keep yourself informed on all the latest gigs & line-ups from The A.I.R Events shows )

BOOMBOXtv OnDemand  ( all of the various libraries of content, separated into genre and sub-genre )

ARTIST PROFILES  ( some 35 or more profile pages of local acts & venues)

COMMUNITY PAGE  ( still new to BBTV - this page allows you to leave comments & suggestions , has a contact form and a site-rating )

LIVESTREAMZ  ( here is where you will find the two exclusive livestream shows hosted by BBTV in 2020- originally PPV, but now FREEVIEW )

BBTV MUSIC  ( here is where you will find the exclusive BBTV Spotify playlist, links to the original BOOMBOX radio show & the VirtuFest )




ALL TV Channels :

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