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Independent Music Marketing Company,

Gig Organiser & Coordinator, Live Streaming Platform, PR & Promotion Agent, Independent Label and Record Store

Founded & Based in East Anglia

since May 2020

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... BIG NEWS OF 2022 is the return of The NORWICH A.I.R Fest in June - new venue, new bands , same dedication to the Music Scene and local acts/business/venues & charity !!


Not forgetting the THREE regular live music sessions each month :

BOOMBOX @THE BRICKIES - 1st Wed of every month (ish)

PULSE @THE HEARTSEASE -  2nd & 4th Friday of every month

There is also a brand new music magazine available for East Anglia , BOOM! Magazine - only available currently at THE A.I.R EVENTS gigs & shows - crammed full of info and entertainment . 

You can also tune into the 4 linear 24/7  FREEVIEW TV channels anytime of day and catch a cool blend of Concerts, Films, Documentaries, Comedy & Drama , sat alongside hours of Original BOOMBOXtv content and music videos.  

As well as these 4 awesome TV channels there is a 5th , Jukebox-style, channel dedicated entirely to music videos ! 

FREE TO VIEW entertainment , 24 hours a day !!

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There are LOADS of The A.I.R Events & BOOMBOXtv related gigs and shows coming up , check the Events page for details !

Also featuring tons of Artist Profiles and an assortment of sundries too extensive to keep listing  - but please DO enjoy BOOMBOXtv irresponsibly !



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HOME PAGE  ( feat : History and info regarding BBTV & it’s services , Quick Access to TV channels , contact form )

5 FREEVIEW  TV  CHANNELS  ( BBTV1 , BBTV2, Originals Channel , BOX OFFICE, MusicBox  )

GIGS & EVENTS GUIDE  ( keep yourself informed on all the latest gigs & line-ups from The A.I.R Events shows )

BOOMBOXtv OnDemand  ( all of the various libraries of content, separated into genre and sub-genre )

ARTIST PROFILES  ( some 35 or more profile pages of local acts & venues)

COMMUNITY PAGE  ( still new to BBTV - this page allows you to leave comments & suggestions , has a contact form and a site-rating )

LIVESTREAMZ  ( here is where you will find the two exclusive livestream shows hosted by BBTV in 2020- originally PPV, but now FREEVIEW )

BBTV MUSIC  ( here is where you will find the exclusive BBTV Spotify playlist, links to the original BOOMBOX radio show & the VirtuFest )




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