... THE under-the-radar MUSIC TELEVISION NETWORK , Independent Music Marketing Company,

Live Streaming Platform, Independent Label and Record Store

Based in East Anglia - Est 2020

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... continues to provide  you awesome free entertainment , 24 hours a day , throughout the current troubles - with FOUR linear TV channels , ONE  ‘jukebox style’ TV channel dedicated to Music Videos ... as well as an incredible OnDemand section spanning 21  genres  -  Now there will ALWAYS be something interesting on the Telly !!


You can tune in to BBTV 1 for a continuous rolling mix of music, films, documentaries, cartoons & comedy , or catch everything an hour later on BBTV2 - the official +1 channel.


Or switch over to The BBTV Originals channel ,  which is dedicated exclusively to East Anglian (& National) Independent Music TWENTY FOUR / SEVEN - featuring ORIGINAL CONTENT  from EA legends THE A.I.R EVENTS - a multitude of interviews, live gigs, artist profiles & music videos.


The BOX OFFICE channel  is dedicated exclusively to big name concerts from Midnight to Noon, and great movies from Noon to Midnight... all interspersed with brilliant music videos from independent artistes.

... And not forgetting the ‘jukebox-style’ Music Video channel - 
MusicBox, which is a dedicated music video channel, showing a continuous mix of the best undiscovered and known music talent ...


TV Channels :