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... Now with FOUR real-time TV channels running 24/7, plus TWO ‘Specialist’ channels - and NOW with 21 On Demand channels - there will ALWAYS be something on the Telly !!

INTRODUCING  :   JON COCKER - performing exclusively live on LiveStreamZ on Friday 13th November - lucky for you !!



You can also tune in to BBTV 1 , 2 & 3 for a continuous rolling mix of music, films, documentaries, cartoons & comedy , as well as the BOX OFFICE channel - which is dedicated exclusively to big name concerts from Midnight to Noon, and great movies from Noon to Midnight...

... Not forgetting the two ‘jukebox-style’ Music TV channels - MusicBox, which is a dedicated music video channel, and BBTV ORIGINALS which features all of the original independent music content curated by The A.I.R Events.

You can also now peruse well over a thousand titles directly via the BBTV On Demand channels , with links to the original sources in the On Demand libraries.

And, as usual, we have our unique BBTV Music Wall, plus all of the content from the 20/20 VISION VirtuFest BOOMBOX Radio Show.


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The A.I.R Events



Note From The A.I.R Events :

In it’s mission to entertain, enthral, invigorate & innovate during these difficult times - and we’re happy to unveil the BBTV LiveStreamZ  project ...  a new ‘Gateway’ platform 
designed for the intention of supporting artists & venues through the difficult times ahead - whilst providing low cost Live Entertainment for the viewer !

BBTV LiveStreamZ has the potential to put the performer/venue in full control of their OnLine Live Presence - helping to supporting them financially (as they receive 100% of all revenue) , and helping to promote them and help them keep visible !

The VERY FIRST LiveStreamZ show was successfully broadcast at 8pm (BST) on Thursday 22nd October  and we’re extremely proud to have brought you a brilliant gig from the uniquely & awesomely talented Three-time Guinness Book Of Records holder  MINHEE JONES !

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