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Info about MINHEE JONES :

Alternative pop artist Minhee Jones’ track “6 Feet” discloses a motley of ways people can distract themselves from reality. Aside from being a songwriter and a multi-instrumentalist, Jones teamed up with Fender, Ford and Co-op Food to break three Guinness World Records in 2019.

They played concerts in 51 cities in seven days to raise money and awareness for Music Venue Trust. It is significant to indicate that they accomplished this achievement without any booking agent, manager or record label. 

Jones is originally from Los Angeles and is now based in London. She spent most of her life being “a sort of walking identity-crisis.” However, she said that by being an artist and a songwriter, she finally figured out her passion for music and discovered her identity.

Jones was a piano prodigy and started playing popular melodies by ear on her parents’ purely decorative upright. She was only four years old with no musical instruction.

“Neither of my parents are musical, so they got me classical piano lessons with an amazing instructor. He taught me all the greats, but also would write and compose with me even from that age,” Jones said. “I was very lucky to have studied with him. I don’t get much time to play classical anymore, but I really miss it and wish I’d stuck with it more.”

The Janelle Monae-inspired artist said that her daily routine is slightly different due to the coronavirus pandemic. After waking up, she answers her emails and social media messages and runs for about an hour. When she returns, she looks over her constantly evolving list of things she needs to work on and tries to accomplish them. 

“Today, those will probably be this very interview, a socially-distanced Weezer cover video I am doing with my drummer Jasmin Guevara, finalizing the demo and lyrics for my latest song and coming up with a production plan for it, figuring out a marketing plan and video idea for my next single, taking my dog for a walk, doing some social media outreach and promotion, revamping my livestream set and the list goes on and on.”

Jones revealed that her songwriting process is much more of a pattern than a formula. She typically will have an idea pop into her head and record it in a voice memo afterward. The singer mentioned that it is usually a melody and a partial lyric with a beat or chord progression.

“It has happened quite a few times in a dream while I was asleep. I’ll wake up and quickly get it down and go back to sleep. Then, I will go to my keyboard and get the basic idea down,” Jones said.

At that point, the rest of the song usually just flows out, and she will get most of the song done by then. Afterward, she revisits it daily for a week to revise lyrics and tweak the melody until she is satisfied with it while making a basic demo. 

“Sometimes that’s as far as it gets for months before I am ready to take it to the production step. Other times, like with ‘6 Feet,’ the song is so topical and apt for the moment that I immediately record and release it.”

‘50 cities in 7 days’  - The Successful Guinness Book Of Records (X3) Attempt !!

MINHEE JONES - ‘ 6 Feet ‘

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