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Jon Cocker plays dark, full alternative acoustic music.

He grew up in Sheffield (UK) and formed his first gigging band in Leeds. He then moved to Norwich, playing in several further bands, before a brief stint as an international artist whilst living in Japan for a few months.

Jon plays gigs primarily in Leeds and surrounding areas, often dazzling the audience with incomprehensible mumbling between songs. His first EP has been likened to John Martyn, Nick Drake and Neil Young, and captures all the emotive spirit possible in this age of time pressures and distraction.


"Next up, something a bit more subdued and contemplative in English singer-songwriter Jon Cocker’s “Green Blue”. Cocker’s excellent acoustic guitar playing, freewheeling sense for melody, soulful vocals, and intimate recordings on not only “Green Blue” but his entire self-titled EP make it easy to draw comparison between him and Nick Drake. As he sings “All my love fades to grey”, you feel the muted reality of heartache: no spectacle, just a lingering lack of colour."



"This musician from the United Kingdom definitely deserves your attention. Especially if you want to spend a little time on your summertime sadness. His voice sounds so alive. Such a contrast for modern autotunes addiction - these waves going through my ears , right into my heart."

FAETON 26/8/2019