Family Movies

Your pick of the Family Movies in the BOOMBOXtv archive.

When Good Ghouls Go Bad

(2001) When 12 year old Danny Walker moves to his father's hometown in Minnesota, he finds that the town doesn't celebrate Halloween and things aren't quite what they appear to be.

Anne Frank's Diary

An animated version of Anne Frank's famous diaries that makes her story easily accessible for a new generation without losing the power of the original text.

The Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box

Seventeen-year-old Mariah Mundi’s life is turned upside down when his younger brother is kidnapped from the streets of Victorian London and Follows a trail of clues to the darkly majestic Prince Regent Hotel.

The Zeroes

Bullies. They're everywhere. And a huge problem for everyone, including a kid named Julian. With help from other bullied kids, Julian and his gang decide to take on the neighborhood bullies.

The Zeroes 2

The Zeroes venture out to save another school from an even tougher bully who proves to be their greatest challenge: A #cyberbully terrorizing another school.

The Worst Witch

Mildred is one of the young girls at a prestigious witch academy. The headmistress of the school has an evil twin sister who plans to destroy the school. Can Mildred foil the plan before the Grand Wizard (Tim Curry) comes to the Academy?

The Magic Door

Two children find the hidden door to fairyland with the help of the world's smallest troll. Struggling to accept a new step mother in their lives, Sally and Liam run away from home and find themselves thrown into the adventure of a lifetime.


The world’s most loved fairytale is back in a whole new fantastic imagining in Pinocchio. Pinocchio comes to life – and he’s full of reckless whims and wild ideas. He eventually learns to be considerate and courageous – and what it takes to become a real boy.

Fatal Fury 2 : The New Battle

Terry Bogard is badly defeated by a much stronger foe, and falls into a deep pit of self doubt and alcoholism, but he must overcome his inner demons, and rise to the occasion.

3 Ninjas

Family friendly Ninja stuff.

Sherlock Bones: Undercover Dog

Billy, 10, a dreamer, wants to be taken seriously but his plans get seriously spoilt when Sherlock, a talking police dog, demands his help to save his police detective handler.

Merlin: The Return

The greatest magician in the world isn't about to let a little thing like being over 1,500 years old stop him from saving England in this comic adventure. An unscrupulous scientist has arrived in England with a plan to bring evil sorcerer Mordred back from the dead..


Captain Red runs a hardy pirate ship with the able assistance of Frog, a dashing young French sailor. But then Capt. Red is captured and taken aboard a Spanish galleon.


Animated mockbuster movie, featuring the voices of Tom Green & Joey Lawrence.

Nessie and Me

A 10-year-old boy moves to a lakeside town and meets an elderly sailor who claims that the stories of a monster named Nessie in the lake is true. Could the monster hold the key to saving the town from a ruthless businessman?

Wild Child

Comedy starring Emma Roberts

The Family Movie

Through classified NASA information left by her father, Cassie learns that certain alien objects (a pentagon and a star) arebeing used by certain entities within the government for weather control for sinister political and economic gains.

adventure force 5

When their quiet beach town is invaded by a mysterious threat, five kids - a gamer, comic book geek, inventor, skater and martial artist - must band together and use an arsenal of homemade gadgets to fight back.

Twin Sitters

In this slapstick, family-oriented comedy, a wealthy businessman hires two muscle-bound, thick-headed brothers to oversee his twin sons while he goes to court and testifies against his mob-affiliated ex-partner.

The Parent Trap 4

After inheriting a family resort in Hawaii, the Wyatts find it in such a run-down condition that they decide to sell it after trying to fix it up. 

War Of The Worlds

Fan made version of war of the worlds in one complete film

The Overwatch Movie

Animated adventure.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Every hundred years, the evil sorceress Morgana returns to claim Fingall's talisman from Merlin, with which she intends to destroy the world. For the last fourteen hundred years she has failed...

The Adventures Of Mark Twain

(claymation movie) Join Mark Twain on his airship to meet Halley's Comet.


Cecil decides to change his hard to pronounce name to the one and only, Michael Jordan.

Diamond Dog Caper

A boy battles a gang of thieves to rescue a dog carrying a fortune in stolen diamonds.

A Frozen Christmas

Gather around and listen as Santa and his elf pals dance and tell festive stories, including time-honoured Christmas story classics! A Frozen Christmas -  it's the perfect way to get the family in the Christmas spirit!

Silver Wolf

A ranger (Michael Biehn) and his 16-year-old nephew (Shane Meier) struggle to save a wolf from a rancher (Roy Scheider), who is out to kill it.

Stowaways on the Ark

Stowaways on the Ark is a 1988 German animated adventure film, released theatrically in Germany as In der Arche ist der Wurm drin by United International Pictures.

The Secret Garden

Steampunk update of the classic tale by Frances Hodgson Burnett, with orphaned teen Mary Lennox discovering the magic and mystery of the secret garden.


(2008) A sweet and serrated summer camp comedy—Narrated by JOHN CUSACK with an incredible 80's soundtrack.

Almost An Angel

Terry Dean (Paul Hogan) is an electronics wizard and thief. After he is released from jail, he is hit by a car while saving a little boy's life. While in the hospital, he dreams that God visits him and tells him he's an Angel, and must start doing good things to make up for his past life.

Not Cinderella’s Type

A kind-hearted orphan lives with her emotionally abusive relatives until a popular boy takes an interest after accidentally killing her cat.
A modern telling of Cinderella, based on the novel by Jenni James.

Fantasy Island : The Pilot

The mysterious Mr. Roarke runs a unique resort island in the Pacific Ocean that can fulfill any fantasy, but they rarely turn out as expected.

Bilal : A New Breed Of Hero

A thousand years ago, one boy with a dream of becoming a great warrior is abducted with his sister and taken to a land far away from home. Thrown into a world where greed and injustice rule all, Bilal finds the courage to raise his voice and make a change.