TV Documentaries 

Your pick of the brilliant short documentaries in the BOOMBOXtv archive.

#NoDAPL: Drones

Follow the work of the airborne No Dakota Pipeline protestors. 2017 New York City Drone Film Festival DOCUMENTARY Category Winner

East Anglia In The Thirties

East Anglia (1930s film), fascinating film featuring all archive footage.

Prince : A Purple Reign

Intriguing documentary about The Purple One. Originally shown on British TV.

Louie Bluie

Honest documentary about the life & times of Louis Armstrong, as told by his friends.

The 1st A.I.R.E Awards (pts 1 & 2)

Originally broadcast during 20/20 VISION : The Virtufest , here are both parts of the first ever A.I.R.E Awards together in one place.

Minhee Jones - "50 Cities in 7 Days"

Clips from the Guinness World Record breaking tour where Minhee Jones and drummer Jasmin Guevara played 51 gigs in 51 cities in 7 days across the UK - including The Brickmakers, Norwich !!

The Dark Side of British History

... that you weren’t taught in school. with George Monbiot

AniMat’s Classic Reviews - Star Wars: The Clone Wars

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… there were fights and something about Jabba the Hutt and that’s it ... or is it, LET’S find out!

Top 10 Worst Family Guy Episodes of all Time

Just a heads up this one contains a fair bit of violence and offensive Family Guy scenes.
This is the top 10 Family Guy episodes Phantom Strider personally considers the worst of all time.

Alexandre Villaplane: Football’s Psychopath?

When Alexandre Villaplane was made captain of France in 1930, he said it was the happiest day of his life. He was a national hero, the most popular player in the country, and led France into the first ever World Cup in Uruguay in 1930. Fourteen years later he was executed, shot by a firing squad, having been condemned as a traitor and a war criminal.

Top 10 Terrifying Deaths in Disney Movies

Chills and death?! Yes, these animated movies are for kids.

Top 10 Most Controversial Cartoons

Please note that this video contains some animated violence and (mild) animated nudity, which may be offensive to some viewers.

The New Order Story

New Order Story is a documentary about the band from 1993, documenting the Joy Division days through to the formation of New Order.

The Smiths Not : Like Any Other Love

30 year anniversary of the release of Hand in Glove.

The Smiths -- These Things Take Time

These Things Take Time: The Story Of The Smiths (documentary) Special feature about the story of the Smiths, with previously unseen performance and behind-the-scenes footage. Includes interview with Mike Joyce, Andy Rourke, Sandie Shaw, John Peel, Stephen Street and many others.

I've lived as a man & a woman -- here's what I learned!

As a transgender woman, Paula Stone Williams has lived on both sides, “and the differences are massive!” In this funny and insightful talk, Paula shares her wisdom for all. Reverend Dr. Paula Stone Williams is the president of RLT Pathways, Inc., a non-profit providing counseling and coaching services.

Extreme High-Lining : 3000m Up

Enjoy the thrilling stunts of two highliners above an endless abyss surrounded by giants of Austria’s Alps.

Through Our Eyes: Living with Asperger's

Three young adults with Asperger's Syndrome (now Autism Spectrum Disorder) share their stories to show life from their perspective. They discuss their everyday experiences and difficulties they face, and their hopes for the future. The film was produced by Alyssa Huber, a filmmaker and autism self-advocate who also has Asperger’s.

Female Guerilla Fighters

The fascinating story of Jiyan, a female guerrilla fighter who devoted twenty years of her life in the Kurdish militant struggle, reveals women’s determination for freedom not only against another oppressive regime, but also against the patriarchy.

America's Lawless Desert: Slab City

In California's poorest desert region, a colorful group of regulars and their dogs gather at Rob's internet cafe for coffee and WiFi in "the last free place in America".

Senna: A Personal Memoir

A unique insight into a charismatic and elusive man: ruthless in a race car, surprisingly open and warm-hearted with friends and family in Brazil. An intensely spiritual man is revealed by his intimate reflections: most poignantly about the ever-present danger of death in his chosen profession. The Real Ayrton Senna - as he has never been seen before.

Blood Business 

Blood Business sheds light on the opaque trade of the blood plasma industry. From the impoverished streets of Cleveland Ohio to the golden shores of Switzerland's Lake Zurich, the film explores the intricacies around the business of blood.

Golden Dawn: Neo-Nazis in Greece

The rise of fascism in Greece, also known as Golden Dawn, is narrated by Greeks living in Germany.

Autistic Man with Schizophrenia and Psychosis

Miguel is a 26 year old autistic man that is diagnosed with schizophrenia. He refers to his hallucinations as “friends” and struggles to understand that they are not real. Miguel’s biggest hope is that others won’t give up on him while he works to understand his own mind.’

Who Killed Capitalism?

August 15, 1971 - The day President Nixon declared the dollar would no longer be backed by gold. That decision triggered a ripple effect around the world that forever changed the Capitalist system, allowing governments to print as much money has they’d like and drowning nations with massive debt. The effects of those policies are being felt today - causing huge market crashes, increasing the wealth gap and inflating the price of goods and services

The Tunisian Revolution : Arab Spring

The Tunisian Revolution sparked the Arab Spring. But revolution was the easy part—as two women learned on the journey from protest to functioning government. Emna Ben Jemaa and Jawhara Ettis represent opposite sides of their country’s politics: One is a well-known journalist in the city, fighting for free speech. The other is a strict Islamist from a rural town, elected to help draft the new constitution. 

Chatham Island's Lone Policeman

Take a tour with the islands' sole policeman, meet the Air Chathams' chief pilot who owns a 1950s flight simulator the size of a house and visit a sacred grove of ancient hand-carved trees with Moriori descendant Shirley. On even more remote Pitt Island, visit the country's most isolated school (number of pupils: 7, 3 of them the principal's children) and 7th generation farming family, the Gregory-Hunts, who raised 11 children there.

Persons of Interest: The Student Revolutionary

One of the most notorious student radicals of the 1960s, Michael Hyde called for the violent overthrow of the State. Hyde and his comrades challenged the conservative Government by supporting the North Vietnamese and ASIO the Australian intelligence service followed them every step of the way.

The Notorious Family Slayer

In 1982 Wilkes Barre, Pennslyvania was rocked by a shocking killing spree. In a matter of hours, 40 year old ex-prison guard George Emil Banks brutally murdered 13, many of whom were his own flesh and blood.

Inside the depraved world of David and Louise Turpin

Perris used to be an unremarkable middle-class suburb in southern California, full of streets of identically anonymous homes. But its inconspicuousness was blown when police received an extraordinary 911 call from a 17-year-old girl. She claimed she and her 12 brothers and sisters, who ranged in age from 29 to 3, had for years been held against their will in the family home. She said they had been chained up, tortured and starved. Worst of all, she accused her parents of being responsible for the abuse

The Rules of the Game

For the last 900 years, every Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday the residents of the quiet English town of Ashbourne have come out to play a crazy game of football. The goals are three miles apart and streets, rivers, tunnels, fields and 5000 people lie between them. Rules of the Game follows Dave Hart on his amusing and heart-warming journey to integrate with the people of Ashbourne and experience the game as a local would.

Gangsta's Paradise: New Zealand's HipHop Crimewave

Ten year old Sam describes himself as "a little thug from Otara". He spends his time; "stealing bikes, drinking", although he has given up smoking. It's estimated there are 2,000 young gang members in Auckland. The problem has become so serious that some politicians are calling for all gangs to be banned.

Children Living in the Guatemala City Dump

60 Minute Documentary - First Aired Nationally on PBS in 1999. Emmy Winner. In the early 1990's while filming a Presidential Election in Guatelmala City, Film maker John Biffar met an American woman, Kari Engen. She had traveled to Guatemala City several years earlier on a mission to help poor, and hungry children. When she arrived in Guatemala city she learned of the plight of the children, many lost and abandoned.

Most Dangerous Ways To School - OIMJAKON

Siberia. Endless vastness – arctic temperatures. Even farther East than Japan and 5 000 kilometres north of Vladivostok lies Yakutia, the coldest Republik of Russia. Yakutsk is the capital of the Yakutia Republic and is located about 5100 kilometres east of Moscow. In the midst of it: Oimjakon. With its 500 residents the coldest inhabited place on earth.

Postal Worker Snaps

Documentary exploring the events leading up to former US Postal Service worker Jennifer San Marco's vengeful 2006 attack on former colleagues and an old neighbour

Carry On: The Life and Legacy of Maggie Lena Walker

This orientation film from the Maggie L. Walker National Historic Site traces the trials and triumphs of Richmond's pioneering banker and civil rights activist. Combining the latest scholarship with rarely seen archival images, this narrated documentary chronicles Walker's unique leadership and her enduring influence on the struggle for social justice.

Strange answers to the psychopath test

Is there a definitive line that divides crazy from sane? With a hair-raising delivery, Jon Ronson, author of The Psychopath Test, illuminates the gray areas between the two. (With live-mixed sound by Julian Treasure and animation by Evan Grant.)

An Interview with a Sociopath

Dyshae is diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder. People with this condition are often referred to by the media as a “sociopath” or “psychopath”. Dyshae wants others to know that it is possible for a person with this disorder to become better adjusted to the world with the help of intensive therapy.

Raising A Child With Selective Mutism

Introducing three families whose children suffer from the strange and isolating condition called selective mutism. They are children who can talk and inside the family home, do talk, often quite noisily. But, in public, they are seized with an anxiety about speaking which is so acute it renders them mute.

I Know What You Weighed Last Summer

A group of obese teenagers tackle their weight issues at a summer camp. Katie's happy and confident on the outside, but admits that her sense of humour is a form of self-defence.Two-part series following a group of obese teenagers spending five weeks at a camp together in an effort to tackle their weight issues.

8 Signs You’re Dating a Sociopath

In order to get close to someone, you must let your guard down. That’s why it’s always such a big risk to confess your feelings. Experiencing a few heartbreaks is to be expected in the world of dating, but it’s a whole 'nother problem getting involved with a sociopath. Wondering if you’re in danger?

10 Signs A Psychopath is Targeting You

Psychopaths are very dangerous individuals, but perhaps the most dangerous thing about them is the fact that they’re hard to spot – until it’s too late.

10 Signs You're Being Manipulated

Do you wonder about the meaning and definition of manipulation, because you feel as though someone is using psychological manipulation techniques on you? 10 signs of manipulation include when someone constantly makes you prove yourself or they communicate passive-aggressively.

10 Signs Someone Secretly Dislikes You

Are you wondering if someone secretly hates you? If so, we have you covered. In this video, you will learn who your secret enemies are.

Struggle for Justice: The Michael Dumont Story

The case of Michel Dumont, who was wrongfully convicted.

Chasing Evil : Vanished... Marina Boelter

In 2014 Marina Boelter vanished without a trace.. With very few leads to go on the Fourman Brothers agree to take on Marinas case. The brothers plan a return visit to Bloomfield, Indiana to bring in the K9 team and search a few areas..

The Predator : The FBI Files

The case of Frank Atwood who kidnapped 8 year old, Vicki Lynne Hoskinson. Unravel the mystery alongside the FBI's greatest law enforcers and forensic scientists.

MURDER on Main Street - Nightmare Next Door

Bloomsbury is the epitome of small-town America. When Monica Massaro is found viciously murdered in her home, it rocks this town to its core. A tipcomes in from 300 miles away to help police hunt down the killer, and the results leave residents shaken.

Children of Darkness

Children of Darkness is an Oscar nominated 1983 documentary film produced and written by Richard Kotuk and Ara Chekmayan. It explored the topic of juvenile psychiatry - an acute lack of mental health care in America for seriously emotionally disturbed youth.

Top 10 HORRIFYING Mental Asylums

Top 10 Horrifying Insane Mental Asylums You Wont Believe Actually Exist. There’s a reason that the insane asylum has become a cliché in horror films – a lot of horrifying things have happened at them over the years. We’ve rounded up a list of 10 of the worst mental asylums for the mentally insane.

The Undateables Series 1, Episode 1

People living with challenging conditions are often considered 'undateable' - this series meets a few and follows their attempts to find love.

Journey To The Edge Of Space

Experience what it’s like to leave Earth, traveling to over 90,000 feet into the stratosphere. Never before has a 360 video been recorded at these heights – so buckle up and enjoy the view as Seeker takes you on a journey to the Edge of Space.

Behind the NYC Stabbing Spree

The story of Maksim Gelman, who killed four people and wounded five in a 28-hour stabbing spree in New York City in February 2011.

Ending The War

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos won international praise and the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize for ending a five-decade civil war that left some 260,000 people dead and 8 million displaced. Port of Destiny recounts the drama of Colombia’s path to peace.

The Revolutionary War: Animated Battle Map

 learn about the  Revolutionary War against Great Britain, the conflict that gave birth to the United States of America. This collection of animated maps bring battles of the American Civil War to life, complete with troop movement animations, narratives, reenactment footage and more.

Now Or Never: Yorktown Campaign of 1781

George Washington's Continental Army has fought for five long years to drive the British from American soil. Now, with the aid of French land and naval forces, that time may be near. Washington and his allies have surrounded the British at Yorktown, Virginia.

One Day In Auschwitz

The Holocaust, also known as the Shoah, was the World War II genocide of the European Jews. Between 1941 and 1945, across German-occupied Europe, Nazi Germany and its collaborators systematically murdered some six million Jews

Mental Illness in America's Prisons

As the healthcare debate rages in the US, the fate of the hundreds of thousands of mentally ill people in jails and prisons in the US has been absent from the agenda.

Thai Cave Rescue : The Animated Story

We have all been captivated with the Thai cave rescue; how the boys got trapped and how they were finally rescued. This story traces events from the day before up until after the boys were rescued including behind the scene footage and planning and how only a massive international effort saved the boys.

Dive Mysteries : The Curse Of The Blue Hole

Marine biologist Monty Halls is on a mystery to solve some of the greatest mysteries in the world of diving. In this episode, Monty visits the most dangerous dive site on Earth, The Blue Hole on Egypt's Red Sea coast to try and discover why it has taken the lives of so many divers.

The Man Who Lived In An Airport

Beginning in the late 1980s, a man who went by the name “Sir Alfred” lived on a red bench inside a pre-departures terminal of Charles de Gaulle international airport in Paris for eighteen years. To this day, no one is sure why.

Junk Food Kids

A shocking documentary revealing babies and toddlers being raised on diets of fast food, fries, burgers and pizza, all washed down with bottles of fizzy soda.

Secret Eaters

Hetal and Mitul submit to a course of diet surveillance. Is it the extra cheese sauce in their moussaka or the added chocolate spread in their health shakes that's stopping them from losing weight?

Life In A Boarding School

British Documentary exploring the emotional effects of boarding school on young kids and their heart-torn parents.

Ambulance : VR 360

Ambulance VR is a six-minute 360 documentary, which immerses you in the world of the paramedics of the West Midlands Ambulance Service. Travel at high speed in the front seat of an ambulance and join the paramedics in people’s homes as they respond to emergency calls.

Diving With Grey Seals : VR 360

Go diving with Miranda Krestovnikoff and seal expert Dr Ben in 360° as they dive around the Farne Islands in the North Sea. Look around for the numerous grey seals and the feel the immersive experience of swimming alongside the UK's largest carnivore.


Explores the case of 27-year-old Michael Ryan, who committed a number of shocking acts of violence.

Poor Kids In The U.S

America’s Poor Kids meets three children whose families are struggling to get by, and asks them to tell us what life in modern America really looks like through their eyes.

Gangs Of Britain : Glasgow

historical look at Britain's most notorious gangs; this time in Glasgow, with in the infamous Billy Boys.

Arrest Of Ghislaine Maxwell

She’s accused of being Epstein’s right-hand woman and has been charged with multiple child sex offences. As Tara Brown reports, for the first time in a long time, the victims in this wicked saga are feeling relief rather than terror.

2,500 Personalities

The inspiring story of the Aussie woman with over 2000 personalities. How her brain conjured up the different characters to protect her from abuse, and even more incredibly, how they all worked together to bring an evil monster to justice.

The Harvey Weinstein Trial

A report on Weinstein’s trial and the claims and counter-claims making daily headlines around the world. His story includes interviews with alleged victims Ambra Battilana and Rose McGowan, controversial lawyer Donna Rotunno, and the spy hired to dig up dirt on his victims.

Oz Quarantine - 2nd Wave

Hotel quarantine security breach causes COVID-19 second wave

Inside The Lair

German prosecutors say they know Maddie is dead and they have the prime suspect, a known sex offender, in their sights. On 60 MINUTES, Liz Hayes reports on the depraved world of 43-year-old Christian Bruckner.

Chopper Read's Final Interview

Just 16 days before he died, Tara Brown sat down with Mark ‘Chopper’ Read for his last ever interview. It quickly became a confessional in which he admitted in graphic detail to murdering four men. 

San Francisco Streets

There are more than 6,000 homeless people in San Francisco, according to a 2015 report, and each person has a different story.

The Hidden Homeless

There is a shortage of affordable housing in every state in the country, but it's especially bad in California — where there's only one affordable housing unit for every five extremely low income households.

Tourettes : I Don't Want A Cure

When Tara Brown first met her 11 years ago, Bianca was 16 and had severe Tourette Syndrome. She was a hostage to uncontrollable, violent tics and sudden outbursts of expletives. Bianca lived at the mercy of her condition until doctors performed radical brain surgery.

Witness To Terror

Season 2 Episode 11: Examining the plane crashes of American Eagle Flight 4184 and Skylink Flight 70. Join forensics experts and criminal investigators to solve the case.

Finding Silence

“Sanctuaries of Silence” takes you on a virtual journey into one of Earth’s last remaining bastions of true quiet — the Hoh Rain Forest, in Washington State.

Deadliest Plague Of The 20th Century

Historical documentary about 1918 Swine Flu or Spanish Flu and the role of World War I in spreading the disease among troops making it into a worldwide plague of devastating proportions. The video covers where it began, how and where it spread, the symptoms, how it affected America and whether it could happen again.

Investigating Dad's Death

Liz Hayes reports on what is the most important, and personal, story of her career. However, it’s also a story that in modern Australia she shouldn’t need to tell. It’s about decent people in the country who are dying because of a rural health system that's broken and failing them.

Columbine : 20 years later

On April 20, 1999, two armed students opened fire on faculty and classmates at Columbine High School in the Denver, Colorado suburb of Littleton. Thirteen people – 12 students and one teacher – were killed during the massacre

The Australian Black Panther

This documentary profiles high profile Aboriginal activist Gary Foley who was a member of the Black Power Movement and a leader in the fight for land rights and social justice.

I Shouldn’t Be Alive

Five boat safari goers find themselves stranded in the hippo and crocodile-infested Zambezi River when their watercraft sinks due to a mad hippo. Three get stranded on a submerged sand flat in the middle of the river and the other barely makes it to the shore. None of them are protected from Africa's deadly wildlife...

Cat Ladies

Cat Ladies unravels the real story behind the oft-ridiculed 'cat lady' - a cultural stereotype and figure of ridicule for women of a certain age with too many furry companions. Through the intimate portrait of four unique 'cat ladies' we create a sensitive and emotionally honest portrait of women whose lives and self-worth have become intractably linked to cats.

Smallest People In The World

AN EYE-OPENING documentary follows the lives of four primordial dwarves - providing an insight into life from their unique perspective. American children Danny, Hannah, Bradley, and Bri, are four of the smallest people in the world.

Ethics Of Foreign Trade

One of President Trump's first acts in office was to sign an order tying US foreign aid to the issue of abortion. We see the knock-on effects of the pro-life policy unfold in real time in Mozambique.

Anatomy Of A Giant

Anatomy of a Giant follows the incredible journey of Sun Ming Ming, a young man who dreams of a life beyond his home in China to one in the ultra-competitive NBA basketball league in America.

Secret World Of The Geisha

This is an excellent view inside the Gion hanamachi in Kyoto, showing different aspects of the careers of the geiko-san and maiko-san.

Why Did People Vote For Trump?

As the saying goes, 'win Ohio, win the White House'. Once America's industrial heartland, the so-called Rust Belt has been in steady decline for decades. This report explores why some idiots  are voting for Trump.

Climate Chaos

Climate Chaos in the South is a not about the science or reasons behind climate change but about the devastating impact that it is already having on many who live in the southern hemisphere. Featuring interviews with the victims as well as the experts in Africa, Asia and South America.

The Milgram Experiment

In 1962 Stanley Milgram conducted this world-famous experiment to demonstrate that people are capable of heinous acts due to the "Befehl ist Befehl" principle.

Who Was The Unabomber?

Antisocial misfit Ted Kazinsky maimed and murdered people with mail bombs for two decades. Not until his infamous manifesto was published in the newspaper did his brother suspect he was the Unabomber and turn him in.

A Life On Screen : Michael Palin

In this documentary, Michael Palin tells the story behind his success, after being honoured with a special award at the Baftas in 2013. With an outstanding career in television and film, this special delves into the archives to showcase some of Michael's incredible work.

The Story Of The Doors

Explore the exciting story of The Doors.  Front man Jim Morrison’s poetic lyrics combined with the band’s unique psychedelic rock sound and outrageous stage performances made the Doors one of the most popular bands of their time.  Jim Morrison’s legacy lives on to this day through the music of The Doors and this is their story.

The Doors : Legends

Here's a very rare documentary without the annoying subtitles, narrated by Henry Rollins. I recorded it on VHS back in something like 1997, then recorded it onto a recordable DVD-R.

Unsettling Secrets Hidden In Holbein’s Tudor Portraits

British art historian Waldemar Januszczak shows that Hans Holbein witnessed and recorded the most notorious era in British history. He painted most of the major characters of the 16th century Tudor Era, including the famous image of King Henry VIII.

The Italian Origins Of The Baroque Art Movement

Series following art critic Waldemar Januszczak as he explores the Baroque tradition in many of its key locations. He begins at St Peter's in Rome and details the birth of Baroque.

Kraftwerk : History 1

Kraftwerk ("power station") is a German band formed in Düsseldorf in 1970 by Ralf Hütter and Florian Schneider. Widely considered to be innovators and pioneers of electronic music, they were among the first successful acts to popularize the genre.

Led Zeppelin : Dazed & Confused

A rare look at Led Zeppelin, from their humble beginnings to their status as rock gods. Take a journey where incredible heights and extreme lows helped forge one of the greatest rock bands ever.

Icons : Tony Iommi

In this episode of “Icons,” GibsonTV sits down with Heavy Metal pioneer Tony Iommi to learn about his early years in Birmingham, England, the accident that almost ended his career as a guitarist and his 55 year musical journey with Black Sabbath.

Rolling Stones : Rock Of Ages

An unauthorised story on the Rolling Stones traces the personal ups and downs, professional twists and turns in the epic journey of the world’s most enduring rock band.

Biography : Mick Jagger

A biography of The Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger.

How To Make Moonshine

How to make a small batch of moonshine at home, using common household items, like a cooler, pressure cooker and a bucket.

Love Or Hate : The Hippies

Hippies. The word seems to provoke people one way or the other. it aired on TV in 1991.

Guitar : 1929 - 1969

In this episode I discuss the guitar players that every serious guitarist should know between 1929-1969. A comprehensive guide of styles covering Classical, Blues, Jazz, Country and Rock & Roll.

Mountain Talk

This PBS and Documentary Channel favorite portrays the variety of language and culture of Southern Appalachia. The documentary is the first television appearance for both Popcorn Sutton and Jim Tom Hedrick and gave rise to several other television documentaries including The Last One, The Queen Family, Popcorn Sutton - A Hell of a Life, and others.

Hippies : Crazy Or Genius?

Inside the New Age Hippie Movement: I go to the California Desert in Twentynine Palms for the annual yoga & music festival, Bhakti Fest, to explore the new-age hippie community through Bhakti Yoga and answer the question: "Are hippies crazy or genius?!" In this video, I cover a brief history of the hippie movement in the US and its resurgence with the new-age modern hippie through spiritual seeking.

The Summer Of Love Experience

Documentary charting the 60’s experience.

The Hippie Temptation

Originally broadcast on August 22, 1967 as the inaugural edition of the short-lived CBS News series "Who, What, Where, When, Why."

Mickey Rourke : The Dark Side Of Fame

Interview with Mickey Rourke (The Wrestler / Angel Heart / 9½ Weeks / Rumble Fish) Episode date: 8th September 2008 Presented by: Piers Morgan

Legends : Stevie Ray Vaughn

Documentary first aired in 1997

Actors Roundtable : Adam Driver , Robert De Niro & more

Adam Driver ('Marriage Story' 'The Report'), Shia LaBeouf ('Honey Boy'), Robert De Niro ('The Irishman'), Tom Hanks ('A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood'), Jamie Foxx ('Just Mercy'), and Adam Sandler ('Uncut Gems') join Close Up with The Hollywood Reporter for this season's FULL, uncensored Actors Roundtable.

Actors Roundtable : Will Smith , Samuel L Jackson & more

Some of the past year's most notable actors join for The Hollywood Reporter's Actor Oscar Roundtable. Each actor share their stories, from their journey to becoming an actor, views on race relations and what racism means, as well as some surprising personal stories along their way. The actors include Will Smith ('Concussion'), Mark Ruffalo ('Spotlight'), Benicio Del Toro ('Sicario'), Joel Edgerton ('Black Mass', 'The Gift'), Samuel L. Jackson ('The Hateful Eight'), and Michael Cain ('Youth').

Actors Roundtable : Tom Hanks , Gary Oldman & more

Tom Hanks ('The Post'), James Franco ('The Disaster Artist'), Gary Oldman ('Darkest Hour'), John Boyega ('Detroit'), Sam Rockwell (Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri'), and Willem Dafoe ('The Florida Project') join Close Up with The Hollywood Reporter for this season's FULL Actors Roundtable.

One Of Kurt Cobain’s Final Interviews

One of Kurt Cobain's final interviews before his tragic death, this WatchMojo Presents video From the MUCH Vaults is an incredible look into the man and artist that we present on the day that would have been his 50th birthday. This raw video from 1993 features 6 minutes of very rarely seen footage from the original interview that was not aired on television. Nirvana's legacy still burns bright and their music continues to influence and inspire people to this day.

Iowa : The Slipknot Story

Slipknot was formed in 1995 in Des Moines, Iowa by Shawn Crahan, Paul Gray and Joey Jordison. The band went through several line up changes before Corey Taylor became their lead singer and over the years Slipknot has released iconic songs such as Left Behind, Duality, Snuff, Vermillion, Wait and Bleed, Before I forget and Psychosocial.

Deutschland : The Rammstein Story

When Rammstein formed in the 90s, few people could have predicted that they were to become one of the biggest bands on the planet. With their unique blend of industrial metal, explosive stage shows, and a history of controversy behind them, Rammstein has certainly left their mark on the world and continue to grow.

Salt, Beef & Rye : A History Of Brick Lane

This vibrant documentary is inspired by the colourful characters who frequent the world famous Brick Lane. Hunting ground for the notorious serial killer, Jack the Ripper, the infamous crime bosses, the Kray brothers and breeding ground for many of the nation's political uprisings. Combining personal observations from those who call Brick Lane home with historical footage, the film paints a vibrate picture of a little street in a large city with a world of influence.