HOOK - Friends

HOOK - Looks Aren’t Everything

... Is unique in the EA music scene in that it features 2 sons and their Father in it’s line-up , and was originally formed in 2006 to exist solely as a studio project to record their original music. 

But In 2009 , after receiving a massive amount of radio play & support in the USA with  their first record (`Looks Aren’t Everything`) , they began to toy with the idea of forming a full band to play some live shows.

After dabbling with a few forays into various other music projects and focusing on honing their sound , they hit the stage initially at the famed EA venue The Brickmakers.

After a period of time , and after playing The Brickmakers several times to help refine their live sound , HOOK went into the studio to record their debut album ‘ SANATORIUM ‘, which was recorded at the nationally- renowned Blaze Studios.

Three singles were released , taken from the album , which have now gone on to receive radio play across the globe from areas as diverse and far apart as France to Australia!


The third, and most recent single, is ‘Friends’ which has managed to hit approx 48,000 views in a short time since it’s release.



HOOK - Only After Dark

HOOK - Reality Check

Since the release of ‘SANATORIUM’ their  total worldwide radio plays have surpassed 1,000 and is sure to continue growing as it’s support keeps building.

HOOK  are : 

Rob Hook...Vocals / songwriter

Marc Hook...Guitar / songwriter

John Hook....Keyboards / songwriter

Melvyn White...Bass 


HOOK will also be headlining the Friday night of The NORWICH AIRFEST ‘22 at B2 venue - make sure you are there !!