RETRO FIREFLY - Okarito Kiwis

... are Samantha Penman and Lawrence Penman, a superbly talented Sister / Brother duo who craft and perform brilliantly soulful and melodic original music. 
They have been playing as a band since approx 2019, and the end of 2021 saw them releasing their 2nd album - UNDERWATER - which was entirely produced , mixed , written and recorded by the band. They create insightful Alt-Pop songs , with poignant shades of both light and dark which give them their unique sound.

Lawrence & Samantha are both multi-instrumentalists and when playing live they will often interchange between Keys or bass to fit individual songs, with Lawrence also playing guitar as required. Samantha is the lead vocalist and tends to do most of the writing, while they both work on the composition arrangements , and Lawrence takes charge of the mixing and production process.

Since RETRO FIREFLY began they have been prolific with their output; their first album ‘Better Days’ was released in 2020, with the 2nd album ‘Underwater’ coming out in the latter half of 2021 - both albums are available on Spotify. Both albums have received brilliant reviews and they have had songs played on several occasions via BBC Suffolk.


RETRO FIREFLY were unfortunate in the fact that as they hit their stride musically the world was struck by the Pandemic, which resulted in live performances becoming near-impossible. However they did take part in the virtual version of the Young Norfolk Arts Festival in 2020, before playing the festival in person in July 2021 - this was followed by a brilliant performance at Boombox @The Brickies in Sept 2021.


Check RETRO FIREFLY’s social media pages to keep up-to-date with their upcoming live shows , and for all future music releases !