... is a singer , songwriter & performer who is based in Norwich. 

When playing live he usually performs with simply an acoustic guitar , although his singles are arranged and produced for a fuller sound & His influences are too varied to list but he does take inspiration from classic acts such as Buddy Holly and The Beatles, and all the way through to modern era songwriters such as Ed Sheeran and Jake Bugg.  

Since 2018 he has released a single every month and 3 albums. The latest single , taken from his new album  , is called ‘Another Girl’ and also has a video to accompany it - available on YouTube. 

As Anthony Sweeney explains : “The first song I wrote began in Swindon as a passenger in my friend’s car.”

“It was pouring down and he complained about the weather but I heard a melody for a song and wrote the lyrics “Why does it always rain?”, which is on my first album, Robbery, recorded and co-produced by Paul Keeler at Sugati Sound in Norwich.”

“My song writing grew with The Beatles and The Rolling Stones but was enhanced when my brother played Wishing on a 45rpm vinyl by Buddy Holly. That was the day my music breathed new life and even helped me rewrite some of my songs.”


Speaking of his music, He says: “There are many songs that capture the spirit of travel but for me it is the travel that has launched many of my ideas for songs, especially my experiences of living in various cities in the UK, travelling to different countries and the impact of meeting new people in these situations.”

“Whether volunteering on a kibbutz in Ashkelon or hitchhiking to Tripoli just after Gadaffi came to power, the meeting of new people had an enormous impact on my song writing.“