... is an unstoppable freight train of a 4 piece Metal Band ; their music features hints & flavours from their vast melting pot of influences, whilst still retaining the distinctively powerful ATO sound that has now become their trademark.

Hailing from the wilds of Suffolk in East Anglia has proven no geographical hindrance to the band as they have attracted serious interest from all around the U.K , mostly stemming from the reputation for noise & energy that their live shows carry. 

The musical influences that have helped to guide ATO towards their own heavyweight sound are too numerous & varied in genre to list in entirety , but acts such as Metallica, FFDP, Pantera, Killswitch Engage, Tool, and Down would all figure fairly high!

The current indomitable ATO  line up has been comfortably in place since the beginning of 2019 , and came about when 5 disparate long term EA music scene stalwarts finally joined forces to form the kind of band that they had always wanted to SEE on a stage themselves.

ARMS TO OBLIVION is a many-armed fury of Metal & Rock energy made up of :

Doug Warren on Vocals ; Pete Finch on Guitars; Brent Brown on Bass ; and Matt Austen on Drums.


Pre-Covid the band already garnered a fantastic & devoted following , as well as a reputation as being one of the highlights of the U.K’s burgeoning New Wave Of Heavy Metal scene. Their ethos at the time was simple :  explore the evolution of their sound, meet new faces , connect with audiences  - and generally to play live as much as possible. 

ARMS TO OBLIVION - ‘Tanker’ & ‘Empty Shell’ - live


The emphasis that , up to that point , ATO were very much a LIVE band cannot be underestimated - they lived & breathed the live shows , and the fans at those shows seemed to feed off their genuine passion and natural talent. Their momentum was gaining pace exponentially before the terrible disruption to the Music Industry by the pandemic. 

However, since then, ATO have used the enforced hiatus of live shows to create a swathe of new music for their hungry fans , as well as having been in high demand for Live Stream events and guesting on music podcasts - in fact , the ‘break’ has turned out to be an intensely busy and creative period for the band. 


Catch ARMS TO OBLIVION live in 2024!