... formed in 2019 and, having been growing, fermenting & evolving in the dank swamps of wildest Essex for the past two years, have now decided to take their raw & uncompromising sound to the masses. 

Prior to the Corona situation Dirty Donations had been dishing out chunky slices of powerful rock and metal insanity in venues across the entire South East of the U.K. 

They pride theirselves  on having fully recreated the energy of those frantic early live shows on their first Ep - 'The First Relief' - which was released in 2019 and received rave reviews from music press and fans.

"... bursting with energy, rawness and versatility in abundance!" - Rockshox (2019)


Their second single - 'The Apostle' - was released on the 22nd January 2020 and received sustained radio play on both local Independent radio stations as well as the BBC.

All of DIRTY DONATIONS’ music is available via their social media pages, Youtube and on all major streaming/download platforms. Head to their facebook page for details of all their upcoming shows.

DIRTY DONATIONS describe themselves as a “...somewhat middle age four piece, who all listened to way too much metal, thrash, grunge of the 90's. Initially we attempted to be grown up and adult and form an angry blues cover band, but the pull of our disparate influences became too hard to resist...”.

Stu is the singer and harp player, and the band remain convinced that he is the love child of Keith Lemon and James Hetfield.

Chris is the only guitarist in the band; he lives by one  simple motto that “one can never have enough speakers or power in terms of guitar amplification”. He regularly turns up to 11.

Jaime is the bassist & is obsessed with how many bass cabinets he can get onto one stage - to date his record is 5, although this was only limited by physical space and load capacity on stage. It has been alleged that he tried to hang 17 more cabs from the ceiling; the band refuse to fuel the speculation although they suggested the number was higher. 

Matt is the drummer, as well as the band’s studio producer; he is responsible for the mixing and producing of their singles to date. He is renowned for his onstage presence, and rumour has it that he actually has two additional arms that he keeps hidden and that only come out when he is drumming.


Check DIRTY DONATIONS out live throughout 2024 !