... are a band who are still evolving and establishing their own unique presence within the EA music scene, having only been together approx two & a half years in their current formation but they have already firmly established their own action-packed & indefinable sound.  

Their music veers from Psychobilly to Metal , via Punk or R & R , on a turn of a dime as they follow the band's main ethos of playing loud , having fun and taking the crowd along on the ride.


Daz (lead guitar) , Dougie hardon (bass) and salty (drums) had previously come to the EA music scene’s attention playing as ‘The Lava Sharks’, but with the addition of Oggie on the squawking stick and rhythm guitar and with a brand new band name and direction HAND LIKE A FOOT was born.

Due to the Corona situation unfolding across the globe during their formation HAND LIKE A FOOT have only played two gigs so far , although with live music returning they have already started to make up for lost time! 

At the time of writing the band are at the discussing and planning the recording of their break-through debut e.p.

Make sure you catch HAND LIKE A FOOT live in 2024 !