... create an amalgamation of Rock , Punk, Beatbox & Dubstep sounds (plus much more!) which are possibly unlike anything you’ve ever heard before.

This unique trio , hailing from Norwich, have forged their own path in the local and National music scenes ever since their inception and their distinctive HF sound has received rave reviews from radio stations worldwide  and seen them form a devoted following in a very short period of time.

HyperFox have been played and interviewed on BBC Introducing, filmed at EPIC Studios (East Anglia) playing at 'That Music Thing', as well as been featured in various newspapers and online music publications. All of which has been happening while the band themselves have mainly focused on playing numerous live shows and capturing their immense, full sound on record . 

Max Mallett - Bass & Vox

Oli Foster - Vox, Guitar & Samples

Luke Sandell - Drums, Vox & Beatbox

One album, two EPs and multiple music videos later (including the infamous 'Troy McClure' video), HyperFox are still writing and recording with the same degree of passion, technicality and ferocity as they ever were - and even though gigging has been impossible for the band over the course of the past year , they are already beginning to fill their diary with upcoming shows for 2021/22 and cannot wait to showcase the newest material that live audiences have yet to relish.

HYPERFOX are Oli Foster  on Vocals, Guitar and Samples, Max Mallett on Bass, and Vocals, and Luke Sandell  on Drums, vocals & Beatboxing. Together they have brewed up a stylish concoction of anthemic, fun and catchy tracks , as well as adding samples and references of/to contemporary culture into the heady mix.

HYPERFOX - Troy McClure

HYPERFOX - Long Live The King

They have been described as  :

“... Marty McFly introducing rock at the school dance in Back to the Future. Only there's three of them...a force to be reckoned with – experimental, energetic and entertaining..." - Mo Writes - online reviewer

"Pushing the boundaries of punk music...undeniably good...highly addictive...” - Ear Nutrition

It goes without saying that the EA music community has sorely missed live music in general and across the board , but perhaps none more so than the energy driven live shows provided by HYPERFOX, who were a regular presence in the scene before the pandemic struck so hard.

They are well known to local venues for their ethos of combining technical professionalism & astuteness with their knack for providing hassle free fun nights out - with their D.I.Y ethic and approach to music they also happen to be very adept at organising & promoting their gigs , which invariably makes life easier for any promoter or venue.