THE LAZY I - Vocals

WEBBY - Drums



... can veer from skull-poundingly heavy to highly emotive in an instant - their music is an intense & uncompromising blend of Grunge and Classic rock influences, all of which is complimented by the insightful & intelligent lyrics and on-stage hyperactivity of their frontman, TLI. 

Although originally formed in 2001 by TLI to fill a support role for Rock Legends ‘Rainbow’ ICARUS VISION's recent line up change, which saw GARY .A and MARKY DAYTONA join on guitar & bass respectively, has seen them completely reinvigorated and performing at the very highest level - all of it within a ridiculously short space of time.

2022 & 2023 saw them headlining several music festivals as well having a residency at TWO different music venues which, alongside all of the stand-alone gig nights has regularly kept them in front of audiences through the year.

They are rightly recognised as one of the ‘original’ Original EA Acts and their incendiary live shows in their first decade of  existence is widely credited for having opened the doors of  local EA venues, who at the time were entirely focused on cover bands.

The plethora of brilliant original music that has since flourished in the EA region stands as a testimony to their success.

ICARUS VISION have had only a few line-up changes in their long & illustrious career, and it's now widely acknowledged that the current set up of WEBBY (drums) ,SHANNON (vocals), GARY A (guitar) & MARK (bass ) is the heaviest, tightest and MOST ENJOYABLE formations of them all !!

With the added smoothness & technique of GARY A's guitar skills acting as the perfect counterweight to the solid aggression of MARK’s bass style, mixed the dual ICARUS trademarks of the full-on heavyweight punching power of Webby’s drums and TLI bringing his hyperactive & vitriolic stylings to the microphone, ICARUS VISION now sound like the rock behemoth they have always promised to be!

ICARUS VISION - Bombtrack ( RATM cover)

ICARUS VISION - Devil On My Shoulder

They have famously eschewed putting their tracks out via the usual routes , instead their classic tracks such as ‘No Reason’ , ‘Deep’ and ‘Timebomb’ have been passed along via word of mouth , videos on social media , and being covered by other EA bands. Rumour has it that they are planning to finally record their debut album THIS YEAR , but long-time fans remain unconvinced. 

“ Yeah... we’ve heard that story before. “ said one fan we spoke to. “ but I won’t believe it until I actually have it in my hands, and can shove it down my pants. “ He continued gamely.


ICARUS VISION will be playing some incredibly awesome shows throughou 2024 - head to their FB page for more details.

“ Wings , Don’t Fail Me Now ... “ - Icarus Vision