Solo singer Kendall has forged a brilliant reputation over the past decade as a passionate and dedicated performer, one who is equally at home both on the stage or in a recording booth.

Kendall (real name Kevin) grew up in Derby and developed his love for music at an early age but didn't begin to sing professionally until about 10 years ago after moving to Norfolk.

He originally formed a duo but after approx a year Kevin decided to go solo -adopting the stage persona of Kendall Solo Singer, which he then launched onto the pub circuit. He has since become adept at singing middle of the road songs to adoring fans.
Even during the Covid lockdown Kendall performed live streams on Facebook from his home to keep up people's moral. He regularly entertained online viewers and his activity also raised money for the NHS , along with donated toiletries and food.

Solo Singer Kendall - The Big One

Solo Singer Kendall - Ain't Going Down Til The Sun Comes Up

Kendall is a regular visitor to Blaze studios whilst recording his many cds, which have proven incredibly popular at gigs, and He even recorded a charity song 'crazy little thing called love' for Smart radio which he also had huge amounts of fun singing with a live band.  Whilst his voice has been likened to Kenny Rogers due to the low gravelly tones, Kendall's favourite artistes are Alan Jackson and George Strait.
After receiving many compliments regarding the way that he performs country songs he has since decided he would go country and is now being introduced as 'the voice of velvet'.

Kendall is currently learning to play the guitar although He says that it won't happen overnight as his fingers still need to grow - but for now he is happy singing a range of modern and classic country songs by some of the greatest country artists.