... Are a bluesy, rocky, folksy band from the heartlands of Norwich - comprised of :

Kirk Slater (Vox and Guitar)

Nathan Pickett (Vox and Guitar)

Jack Whitham (Drums)

leon Chapman (Bass)

The Leadboots  genesis goes back to the day Nathan met Kirk whilst working in an industrial kitchen.
 “... he had a speaker blasting anything from 00’s punk-pop to 30’s Delta blues so I knew we’d probably get on. I think we talked about forming a band within the first or second week...” Nathan later recalled.
Nathan propositioned Jack during his wedding in Lithuania - to be the drummer for the band. Within a few rehearsals he had cemented his position as a member of the group. 

Leon joined as bassist not long after , having been in several bands previously with Nathan he was the natural choice for the role.


One of the factors that gives Leadboots their unique sound is that they all have strong musical influences of varying genres, and each song brings different aspects of their respective personalities to it. They have 2 principal songwriters in Kirk and Nathan, which means their sound can afford to be more diverse , whether it’s exploring the dark reaches of the Delta Blues or the edgier landscapes of  alt-rock/Indie - while everything between is also fair game!


They excel at exploring the deep , and sometimes disturbing , recesses of life - all the while maintaining a beguiling cheer & warmth that can distract you from the darkness being revealed.

During the enforced downtime  caused by the pandemic situation  LEADBOOTS have been honing their sound & harmonies, as well as creating new music. It’s fair to say that the band have found Lockdown to be a bonding and strengthening period in their creative process - and are prepared to tackle 2021 with intent.

They released the Blaze Studio-recorded e.p ‘Call Of The Void’  in 2020 , while their new material from 2021 is also now available on Spotify and the usual streaming sites.

The new tracks deal with huge themes - “Falling Down” deals with love, addiction and confusion ,  “Water Under Bridges” is a story of someone who wants to give up but still holds out hope. So even though their lyrical subject matter can sometimes be gritty and weighty , the band always leave a doorway of hope or optimism for the listener to duck through.


And , as Jack has previously said, they look forward to  “... Finally being able to embrace the world (in 2021) as a four-piece and show the world our new sound.”

Leon is hungry to be “... Playing gigs again! Especially festivals where we get to hang out as a band together for a few days and meet other like-minded people.”

Kirk : “... What I’m currently looking forward to with Leadboots is gigging fresh material and giving our fans to hear the chance to see us live.”