... Formed a long time ago in a Suffolk village hall far, far away, when three superb musicians decided to form the world’s most unique & distinctive Rock Covers band.

Jason (Drums), Mark (Guitar) and Gary (Bass - since replaced by Ian) thought, 'We need someone 'Up Top' with the 'Luck of the Irish' So, we roamed the streets and found the nearest drunk and asked them 'Can you sing?'
‘ After a few more JD's, maybe' came Scott Clarke’s reply. 

Three became four and RANSOM hit the road vigorously, playing songs in their own inimitable style, in many East Anglian watering holes, far & wide across this great region. 

No artist was immune to 'The Ransom Wave ‘ - from AC/DC to Queen, Pink Floyd to Green Day by way of Pearl Jam. If you could name it, it was belted out to a baying crowd. Even tracks from Britney, ABBA and The Rocky Horror Picture Show we’re not safe from the RANSOM treatment. 
There have been many highlights along the way, including a brilliant support slot for 'Saxon', 'Wishbone Ash', Celtic Warrior Bash Nights and more 'Mosh-Pits' than can be remembered.

Time passes and eras come and go, but The Ransom Wave keeps on rolling, growing stronger and more defined with maturity.

Testimony from a witness to Ransom for a Dead Man :

” A few nights ago I was having a drink in the Mulbarton social club listening to this band for the first time. During the interval I got talking with the lead singer, Scott, who answered several questions I put to him and, seeing I was enjoying the performance asked what i thought of the show. So here it is The four members of Ransom for a Dead Man have worked together in the band for some twenty years or so. Similar to good modern jazz musicians the members of the group anticipate the moves of each other. But there the comparison ends. This is a rock group, pure and simple, who are obviously well rehearsed which makes it all look deceptively easy. Gary on bass and Jason on drums both lay a solid foundation to the music. Mark on lead guitar plays the solo riffs with talent and flair without an amateur note to be heard. Scott leads the band from the front with panache. He has a strong voice matched with energy and enthusiasm and knows his material well. His comic asides between tracks help create a down-to-earth rapport with the audience and at times are reminiscent of the Edwardian music hall in the way he delivers them. As such he is a true performer and, when it comes to the songs, Scott provides his own version rather than imitate the original singer’s voice. This was most evident in his version of Suspicious Minds which he kept refreshingly away from Elvis imitation country. The band’s repertoire is truly eclectic ranging from earlier rock classics right through to the recent Rag’n’boneman’s Human, a song particular suited to Scott’s vocal style. (No, Scott, we won’t blame you.). A medley of Queen hits really got the room dancing and singing. Cleverly put together and executed with much exuberence. All in all a musically entertaining evening which left me wondering what original material from Ransom for a Dead man might sound like. If and when these four guys get round to producing some it will definitely be worth a listen.”

- Richard Reeves, British Actor’s Equity (retired). 27 August 2019