RappaLupus is a British Rapper based in Norwich, Norfolk, UK.  He has 20 years of rapping experience under his belt and his debut album ‘1st Cycle’ dropped in 2020 to brilliant reviews...

Christopher Parsons , aka Rappalupus, has Asperger's and has always been interested in creating images with words. Eventually this creativity , inspired by his life-long love for Hip Hop, evolved naturally into producing beats & rapping. 

His songs cover the full gamut of existential subjects and concerns including , but not limited to , the supernatural and the occult, mental health, love, sex , higher powers, lower beings, self reflection and morality.

Despite weighing in at an imposing 7’ 2” tall , and regardless of the sometimes harsh phraseology he employs , he has nonetheless been described as the ‘Gentle Giant Of EA Hip Hop’ - and his stage presence includes a healthy dose of authenticity ; a natural warmth, vulnerability and self-effacement that somewhat softens the lyrical blows being dispensed.

You can always find RappaLupus  Howlin’ At The Moon on Facebook, SoundCloud, YouTube & Spotify.