... began life as a solo music project by Samantha Penman in 2019. In 2020, Samantha enlisted her younger brother Lawrence to help out at gigs by playing Guitar & Bass.

Retro Firefly’s 2020 album “Better Days” was produced by Samantha, with Lawrence performing on several tracks.

 In 2021, Lawrence discovered a knack for mixing, and took on the role of producer for Retro Firefly’s 2021 album “Underwater”, working on the arrangement and mixing of the tracks Samantha had written.

Retro Firefly gigged as a duo throughout 2021 and the first half of 2022, before Lawrence moved to London for University, leaving Retro Firefly as a solo act once more.

Both the 'Better Days' and 'Underwater' albums are available on Spotify. Both albums have received brilliant reviews and they have had songs played on several occasions via BBC Suffolk.

 Lawrence is still Retro Firefly’s producer from afar, and will be mixing all projects for the foreseeable future. Samantha and Lawrence are both multi-instrumentalists, and can both play Piano, Bass, Guitar & Ukulele.


RETRO FIREFLY - Okarito Kiwis

RETRO FIREFLY were unfortunate in the fact that as they hit their stride musically the world was struck by the Pandemic, which resulted in live performances becoming near-impossible. However they did take part in the virtual version of the Young Norfolk Arts Festival in 2020, before playing the festival in person in July 2021 - this has been followed by several brilliant performances at The A.I.R Events shows during 2021 & 2022.

Check RETRO FIREFLY’s social media pages to keep up-to-date with their upcoming live shows , and for all future music releases !