... has swiftly reestablished himself at the top of the EA music scene since his return to live music after taking a recent break to pursue his various other creative projects.

Before this hiatus from the music industry he had already developed a devoted following thanks to his prominent role in two popular rock outfits - firstly reaching local EA audiences with ‘British Rejects’ but then going on to gain much wider attention from the music public with his follow up group ‘The Only Route’. 

In their brief time together T.O.R toured the length & breadth of the U.K extensively and received huge support from radio stations , notably  from the regional East Anglian BBC INTRODUCING programmes.  

Despite his music profile beginning to rapidly snowball due to so much media and critical acclaim RYAN REDWOOD eventually decided to take a break from the industry allowing him to explore the many various projects that musical commitments were preventing. 


RYAN REDWOOD - Whatever I Please

During this time he devised and created the popular IndieKid podcast series , which is now well into it’s second season and is becoming more & more influential on the National Scene due to it’s engaging format and unique content.

Since returning to the music industry in early 2020 Ryan Redwood has released three singles which are available on Spotify, YouTube and many various other online music providers.

His sound has been described as “ ...pure heart-on-sleeve Indie... ” and his live shows & performances have often drawn comparisons to the likes of indie legends such as Oasis & Catfish and The Bottlemen from many online music reviewers. Despite all of the high praise swirling around, Ryan’s previous music experiences have taught him to be pragmatic about the industry and he remains dedicated solely to creating great tunes first and foremost. 

Almost inevitably since the impact of his reemergence on the EA music scene has coincided  with lockdown restrictions easing, the offers of live shows have begun to flood in. Make sure you keep an eye on Ryan’s social media pages for up to date info.