... started as an electronic solo project back in 2012 by Liam. He posted a couple of songs onto Soundcloud & got a great response, including many suggestions that he form a band to perform them live.

The first EP, “Covered in Tape”, was composed of some of those early electronic songs reworked with a band line-up, & was recorded at the university where Liam was studying at the time.

The songs caught the attention of a label called Ear to Ear Records who released “Friends” as a single. They actually recorded a full album for them, but the label sadly disbanded before it could be released. 

When university ended TAPE RUNS OUT found itself with a new line-up (including current members Ellie & Rich). In this formation they recorded the “Knife” EP, which had more of an electro-pop feel than their now-trademark shoegaze-style. After Clare joined the band on violin, they produced “Go To Sleep”, which contained elements of freak-folk & experimental music.

By the end of 2019 TRO had welcomed Dan, Takeshi & Taylor & signed with local Cambridge label Kuang Grade Recordings. They released two indie-rock focused EP’s with the label – “Talking Through The Walls” (2019) & “Sleepwalking into a Fire” (2020) before the label took an indefinite hiatus due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

TAPE RUNS OUT - Hospital


The “Ghost Fruit” EP was then recorded during the summer of 2020, and caught the attention of Austerity Records, who offered the band a digital release & a cassette release as part of the C60 Club.

Despite already having a rich and extensive body of work behind them , the ‘Ghost Fruit’ e.p has found TAPE RUNS OUT in the form of their life and sounding very much like a band that could shake things up in 2021. 

The TRO sound, with its unique mix of shoegaze, post-rock & lo-fi indie pop, was once described by notable producer Marc Joy as “a perfect introduction to new & unseen places in the sonic universe.” 

“Hospital”, the lead single from the new EP, was released at the start of the year & has been frequently played on radio stations worldwide, winning glowing praise from music critics and music fans alike. The mind blowing video to accompany the single is available to view on their YouTube channel and is a stunning montage of nature, scientific footage & time-lapses. 

They have notably received a strong local radio presence with Cam FM, Cambridge 105 & the local BBC Introducing station being very supportive in particular. 

Being a septet can bring it’s own unique set of challenges when it comes to playing live, so finding venues capable of hosting them on stage can be challenging. But when they are playing in that live setting the sound they collectively create is something that is totally their own ; captivating and emotive one moment , raw and uncompromising the next.