The Hamlet charity offers support to children and adults living with disabilities and complex health needs - as well as their families. 

Over 400 families of children and adults with disabilities , living in Norfolk , access their services.

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The Hamlet supports over 400 families living in Norfolk who have children or young adults living with disabilities or complex health needs. We are a small charity that needs your support!

The Hamlet has been impacted by the Covid19 pandemic, as our fundraising events, marathons and cycling races were cancelled.

We invite you to organise a Covid-19-friendly event or challenge. Please help us if you can.  We need as many events as possible. Because the work and care we offer doesn’t stop for Covid.

We believe people with disabilities and complex health needs deserve to be valued for who they are. This means being given the chance to explore choice, communicate, unlock potential and take new opportunities. We work with babies to young adults at 29 years. This allows us, often over many years, to gain both trust and a real insight as to how best to create a person-centred plan to support each individual and their family. 

What makes us different?

  • We go the extra mile
  • We place an emphasis on fun
  • We choose vibrant and innovative approaches which embrace technology
  • We create a family feel

The History of The Hamlet

As a charity we support and enrich the lives of families, children and adults at our two locations in Norwich. Established in 1972 by inspirational couple Jack and Margaret Wymer, the charity has evolved from its beginnings as a Toy Library into a charity offering a range of services for children and adults from birth. 

Today we offer a wide range of high quality services to support over 500 families each year from across Norfolk. These services promote integration and inclusion by breaking down barriers that often exist for people with disabilities. 

"The money that the public kindly donates will ensure that The Hamlet continues to do so the wonderful work they do for my family and many others. I thank those who choose to support them. It means so much.” – Jenny, Parent.

"The support we had from The Hamlet was fantastic! The children got to experience new activities, playing and interacting with other children and helping to build their confidence. " – Alex, Parent.

"I honestly don't know how I would have been able to get through a lot of what we've been through had it not been for that group of incredible people who cried and celebrated with each other. The Hive coffee morning is a place where no one is judged, where we are all in the same boat, every small victory is celebrated by everyone and every battle is fought together." – Tania, Parent.