... ( aka Shannon Crome ) MOSTLY performs as a solo acoustic act, although TLI has also existed as a 5 & 6 piece ensemble and a full-on grunge band in it’s time -  as well as having recorded several albums of ‘alternative hip hop’.

Never content to dwell on one single genre THE LAZY I tend to mix and match styles depending on the needs of the song, although he has confirmed that he plans to perform solo acoustic material more extensively throughout 2024.

Over the past 5 years THE LAZY I has graced the stages of many of the region’s finest music venues including The Brickmakers,  EpicTv , the John Peel Centre , Open & The Reindeer (as well as many other grassroots venues all across the EA and the U.K) , and have become renowned for their rather unique brand of acoustic music. 

Combining the Folk stylings of Cat Stevens & Dylan with the aggressive Grunge approach of Nirvana / Pearl Jam, THE LAZY I bring an emotive and genuine feel to their live shows - and then if you throw in a bit of abstract absurdity (in the vein of Talking Heads & Zappa) with some occasional rock posturing and you have pretty much defined the kind of live experience that TLI deliver.

THE LAZY I - Descend

THE LAZY I - Daggers

THE LAZY I first came to prominence in the EA music scene in 2001 as songwriter & vocalist for hard rock group ICARUS VISION ; Their first gig being a support slot for Graham Bonnet & Don Airey ‘s ‘Rainbow’ reunion show at The Norwich Waterfront -as well as supporting Wilko Johnson & The Blockheads at Norwich Arts Centre. 

Although the EA music scene in the early 2000’s was heavily Cover Band dominated THE LAZY I and co, with their two hour shows  full of power and ingenuity ,  proved the merits of good original music and they quickly smashed venue doors open wide for a new generation of local performers to benefit from. The proof of this can be seen in the strength of quality of the current EA music scene.

In August 2018 Shannon Crome created THE LAZY I, THE A.I.R Events & BOOMBOX brands ; setting up a weekly live music night at a local venue that had fallen on hard times which he called BOOMBOX - the BOOMBOX nights were focused solely on authenticity , talent and the sheer enjoyment of uncensored entertainment.

THE LAZY I played every week of the first run of BOOMBOX - 44 consecutive Tuesday’s - as they were the 'resident' act & also host.


The popularity and renown that the nights gained helped put THE LAZY I on the map - but it was possibly the many music festivals that they have organised and the creating an independent Music TV Station that have really helped to elevate them, and cemented their reputation as not ONLY a damned good live act but a powerful motivating force for the local EA music scene as a whole.

THE LAZY I has been interviewed twice in the BBC studios to promote the two festivals, and since then has performed several full acoustic set live On-Air for West Norfolk Radio , and the BOOMBOX nights themselves have received fantastic reviews , (not least from The Telegraph’s ‘What’s Hot In Norfolk ‘ in late 2018 / early 2019.)

Over the last two years WNR have broadcast approx 20 full live THE LAZY I sets, with fantastic support also coming from RADIO SEAGULL and ICRfm.

All of this support has helped THE LAZY I to surpass the 38,000 followers mark on FB !

Since the music industry re-opened in 2021 THE LAZY I have filled the diary with live shows - Having now done TWO full tours and performing HUNDREDS of shows since then, as well as having organised more festivals and live music events.

Get in touch with THE LAZY I via their socials and keep an eye out for news on more events , record releases and 'shenanigans' in 2024 !!