... are already a prominent feature of the Americana music genre, despite having only existed in it’s current form for only a few years. 

In that short time they have become one of the more well known contemporary exponents of this warm & dusty, world-weary style. 

They effortlessly recreate and revive the sound & magic of acoustic Americana, bringing it into the modern world with a reverence and passion that has drawn praise from reviewers, radio stations and music lovers around the globe. 

Their original material is written and often performed solo  by frontman Gram Nicholas Phillips but, although the band do perform largely as a trio, such is their renown on the music scene they can also feature special guest musicians and surprise appearances at their shows. 

Their music tells of travels through the surreal desert landscapes of the Southwest to the complex beauty that is Appalachia - the landscapes of America and the Deep South shaping the epic nature of TUPELO LIME’s  songs.

Theirs is a tale of hardships and joy, victories hard-won and battles easily lost - and the ever-healing redemptions of love and death.

Although they are categorised as Americana, Tupelo Lime’s constant travelling has led to so many influences which have fed into the songs, giving them a contemporary feel that lifts them above their peers. It sometimes feels as though there is no particular ‘genre’ to put them into as blues, folk and even punk & psychedelia sparks emerge amongst the flames. But essentially they are happy to describe themselves as having : “ ...The beating heart of  alt-country folk music , but with a social soul... “  

Principal songwriter Gram Nicholas Phillips, is an American who is now based overseas. He has spent many years of his life travelling , first in & around his homeland then all across Europe, before settling in The U.K. He has previously featured as a profiled artist in Americana Rhythm Magazine.


TUPELO LIME - Dust In The Road

Review for their EP, ‘The Road from Escondido’ ...

“His vocal style is sparse and gentle, which adds to the understated yet beautiful mood of the entire EP. The stillness of the EP conjures a fireside feel, as if you can see the embers and feel the heat.” - musicinsider global.com

Review for their EP, ‘The Orange Rain’ :

” I can picture this in a movie soundtrack against a trek across the desert.  The solo guitar plays a chord progression that builds and builds throughout the song until the tension becomes uncomfortable – that’s the true power of Tupelo Lime’s songwriting.” - Threechordscounty.net