... have only been in existence for (approx) a year but have already garnered a reputation as a solid live rock group - bringing elements of Punk, Rock and even a dash of New Wave styles together in the melting pot, to produce a free-flowing Alt-rock sound that is entirely their own.

They are prolific song writers and generally craft songs that contain noise & raw energy sat in juxtaposition with moments of deep reflection & tenderness; contrasts & surprises that keep the listener with them through the musical journey.

We Be Spies is made up of :

Brian - Drums

Karen - Voice

Noel - Bass

Rob - Guitar

The band are based in & around Norwich but play their gigs as far afield as possible, often criss-crossing the entire EA region while on the road. In their short time together so far they have already played some memorable gigs , including their show at The Waveney in conjunction with Bad Monkey Records. They have also already attracted the interest of some of the EA’s radio stations, including Yarmouth-based Smart Radio.


Their music has drawn praise and comparisons from live audience members, with phrases being quoted including ... “ being reminiscent of Crowded House recording with Pearl Jam, with a touch of Nick Cave and Steven Wilson thrown in.” Ultimately the WE BE SPIES story is all about the music of life. Songs of struggle. Songs of yearning. Songs intended purely for dancing - nothing is off-limits.

They recorded and released their first EP in 2022, and are looking forward to 2024 - and meeting cool new folk on the road!