... are an unapologetically loud & dirty Southern Fried Blues Rock band hailing from the Sheffield & Chesterfield region of the U.K - an area which is already hugely rich in powerful rock heritage, and it’s fair to say that YESTERDAY’S GONE are simply helping to keep that tradition alive & kicking!

They have received glowing plaudits from across a wide spectrum of the Rock Media & Press for their eardrum-popping two E.P’s , as well as for their explosive , yet fun & inclusive , live shows 

Reviewers and social media commentators often note that the band brings an equal element of both rockstar swagger AND down-to-Earth humour & dry observation to their performance. In fact, it is impossible not to be carried along for the ride when you are in such affable & noisy company.

Yesterday’s Gone is made up of a group of immensely talented individuals who all bring their respective skills to the table, yet who play only what’s right for a particular song and who function as a single-minded unit when playing live.

The band really hit their stride in 2019 which saw them release their incredibly well-received single "Greed", which was followed up swiftly with their debut EP "Metamorphosis".

But regardless of whether they’re touring the festival trail, performing stand alone gigs or doing intense studio sessions, this talented band have earned the admiration and respect of music critics & audience members alike for their absolutely relentless work ethic & attitude towards their music & their fans.

YESTERDAY’S GONE revel in bringing you a classic blues rock feel that somehow manages to feels refreshingly contemporary and Of-The-Moment, and  a sound which is fully infused with body-moving riffs & hooks.

Despite the torrid time of the Pandemic their reputation as an incredible group has continued to grow exponentially even without the Live Music vector, as a whole host of locked down music fans have discovered their music online - bringing with it yet another wave of honest support from genuine Rock Music fans.


YESTERDAY’S GONE - Whiskey Chaser

Joining forces with Forge Amp, who are a hugely influential and supportive member of the U.K National music scene was another natural step in the band’s progression towards even bigger stages, while helping to give the band the time needed to continue to craft their music.

They have both received and given an incredible amount of support to Grassroots venues over the past few years, and this has proven to be even more important since the onset of the Lockdowns.

They have played a wide array of music festivals in the past few years (including the awesome HRH and Rockin The Bowl festivals) and are no strangers to Norwich, having played two incendiary consecutive shows at The Reindeer, where interest from the local music fans was so high it necessitated a second show. 
They will be blasting the doors off venues throughout 2024 - make sure you catch them live asap !