... are still a relatively new band, although it’s individual members have been playing with various projects in & around the EA scene for several years.

DYNAMITE FIST excel in blasting out adrenaline-drenched hard rock , bringing to the audience an almost vulgar display of both power AND finesse.



Complex technique and breakneck energy always dominates their live performance - leaving the audience pumping their fists from the very first note , up until the group finally leave the stage to the sounds of fiery squalling feedback, and clamorous applause.

Dynamite Fist hail from the wilds of Norwich, in the East of England , and are comprised of :

Ross Parnell - Vocals/Bass

Tom Jordan - Vocals/Guitar
Steve Chapman - Drums/Vocals

They have been honing their set and live show during Lockdown and , following on from their debut gig at the EA’s most prestigious music venue ( The Brickmakers, Norwich ) on the brand new outside stage, they are looking forward to bringing their distinctive sound to venues across the EA in 2021 and beyond.


You can catch Dynamite Fist playing on The Saturday Main Stage of The Norwich A.I.R Fest 2021 - don’t miss them !