... crystallised into it’s current Punk / Power Rock trio formation recently, and is made up of an amalgamation of EA Punk legend Mick Avoidant, Lead Guitar maestro & shredder extraordinaire Sharlie Dwyer, with the newest member Will Allinson joining on drums.
Will has already forged a formidable reputation across the EA as a solo artist, as well as being a member of several influential rock bands.

MICK AVOIDANT - Live Set (The Jam Social)

Mick Grant (Avoidant) was the brains & the brawn behind the Unlocked ‘21 festival - an all-day event at The Brickmakers exclusively showcasing local bands and singers in an event designed to say Farewell to the dreaded lockdowns. However, little did he know that the end of one era would soon become the start of a brand new musical life for him in Norwich.


AVOIDANT started it’s existence as two separate songwriters & performers, Mick and Sharlie, who were already playing regularly on the local circuit as passionate and dedicated solo performers.
However a chance meeting one night in 2022 at The Brickmakers during a particularly raucous Open Mic session, followed swiftly by a handful of successful Jam Session appearances, convinced the guys that their future lay in combining their respective talents & drive and forming a full powerful live Punk / Rock band. It’s fair to say that with the recent addition of Will on the drums the band have now evolved into an uncompromising and visceral live act, with a huge set list of original material & boundless potential for the future.


They are committed to creating their own music, with a set that’s made up primarily of fast paced anthems and gritty personal-experience led lyrics which can either be taken as a release of energy for a boisterous audience , or alternately can be seen as pieces of astute social commentary.


Whatever your take on it, it’s fair to say that while other bands may caress their songs lovingly - Avoidant destroy theirs and leave them bruised & bloodied on the stage. Check them out in 2022 !