SETTING SONS - A Long Time Ago

SETTING SONS - All Over Again

SETTING SONS - Tell You (live)

... are an energetic and dynamic 3-piece Indie Rock group from South East England. They were creating a huge buzz in the EA music scene before Covid so cruelly disrupted live music - the live shows were essentially ‘standing room only’ affairs, and the band sometimes found that crowd surfing was the quickest way to negotiate venues!

Their lyrics are known to contain acerbic , yet insanely catchy , social commentary - and when it’s combined so stylishly with their uniquely aggressive Indie ‘wall-of-sound’ style it’s impossible to ignore.


SETTING SONS powerful sound is derived from a combination of Jack Van Greuning on Vox / Guitar , Matt Argyle on Bass / Vox and Alex Jackson on Drums / Vox ...


DANCE : The Movie (spoofumentary)

... And after selling out a venue in Manchester (home of Jack’s lifelong football team) just in the eve of the Lockdown , it seems particularly harsh that such an incredible band is rebuilding all that gained momentum.

However it wasn’t all doom & gloom as the band used the time to write and make progress on recording some brilliant brand new material that they cannot wait for the public to enjoy in it’s natural arena.